Corn-on-the-cob social a tasty treat for Willows Estate residents

‘We’ll do it again for sure,’ LEC says

The summer isn’t over yet and Willows Estate residents recently got a taste of one of the season’s signature foods.

The Aurora long-term care home’s life enrichment department hosted a corn “roast” for residents on the home’s patio Sept. 5.

It was well-received by those who live there, with some residents enjoying two or three cobs of corn each. Willows Estate went through 36 corn cobs for the occasion.

The corn was purchased at a local fruit and vegetable stand and eight residents gathered in the morning to husk it and then it was boiled inside in pots and buttered and seasoned outdoors.

“It was a lovely afternoon,” says Teddy Mazzuca, life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Willows Estate.

“It was a huge success.”

It was a well-loved affair because residents don’t get to have corn-on-the-cob often, given it being a vegetable mostly enjoyed when it’s in-season. It was likely reminiscent of summers gone by when they had corn-on-the-cob outside of the home, the LEC adds.

It was a social event for residents too.

Teddy says she remarked to other employees how well it went. “We’ll do it again for sure” before summer is over, she notes.

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