Community kindness: Local students build garden boxes for Country Haven residents

The students also planted vegetables and herbs that residents will tend to throughout summer

Almonte Country Haven residents were on the receiving end of an act of community kindness June 8 when a group of students from Almonte District High School (ADHS) turned up to build two raised garden boxes for them.

The eight students also filled the garden boxes with soil and planted a variety of vegetables and herbs that residents will care for throughout summer.

At the end of summer, the veggies and herbs will be harvested and used as ingredients in meals.

The project was spearheaded by two ADHS teachers, mathematics teacher Mrs. Megan Masterson and English teacher Mrs. Caitlin Coffin.

Students in Mrs. Masterson’s math class researched and designed the garden boxes, and students in Mrs. Coffin’s class wrote the project proposal.

After the proposal was accepted, students secured the funds needed to make the project a reality and then brought the materials to Almonte Country Haven to get to work.

The students spent the day putting the garden boxes together. During breaks, the students chatted with the Lanark County long-term care home’s residents and staff members.

Almonte Country Haven residents enjoy spending time in the home’s garden, and the new garden boxes will make that time even more enjoyable, Almonte Country Haven says in a post on the home’s Facebook page.

“Whether spending time out in the garden or looking at it from their windows, our residents are so happy to know that they will soon be reaping the fruits of your labour,” the post says, adding a thank-you to the students and teachers for their hard work and community spirit.

“Each one of you should be very proud of your work and your kindness. Well done – we know and hope good things will come back to you.”

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