Community connections delivering strong value for OMNI residents during the pandemic

Connections OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes have with their local communities have always been important, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, these relationships have had an especially crucial role to play enhancing the quality of life for residents.

In recent weeks, we have seen several examples of how homes and their local communities have come together and impacted residents’ lives in meaningful ways.

At Pleasant Meadow Manor, a new connection with the Peterborough-based Canadian Canoe Museum delivered a virtual tour through the Norwood, Ont. long-term care home’s smart TV for residents to enjoy.

During the virtual tour, museum staff explained the different types of canoes on display at the museum. Residents learned about the history of the canoe and how they are made, says Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Kim Williams.

Everyone had lots of questions following the presentation, she adds.

“The residents enjoyed the tour and found it very interesting learning about the different types and ways that canoes were made,” says LEC Kim Williams.

“They had a lot of pertinent questions that the staff were more than happy to answer, and it showed that they really were engaged during the whole tour.”

Rev. Fran Langlois and the parishioners of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Picton have shown support for West Lake Terrace residents throughout the pandemic by keeping in contact with the home and making sure online church services are available for residents who wish to access them, notes West Lake LEC Janie Denard

The Bethany Christian Reformed Church has been another supporter during the pandemic, Janie says.

On Canada Day, church members dropped off individual hand creams for residents that were accompanied by cards. At Easter, they delivered care packages for all the residents.

Meanwhile, a community outreach group at Gateway Church recently donated five iPads to nearby Country Terrace in Komoka, Ont. to help residents connect with family and friends as well as providing entertainment. Residents are also attending virtual church services by watching them on the iPads.

Country Terrace and Gateway Church have a long-standing connection, and the church’s kind gesture will go a long way in keeping residents’ spirits high during the pandemic, says Country Terrace LEC Christie Patterson.

Christie says gestures like this mean a lot to everyone at Country Terrace, as the pandemic is still creating challenges for everyone.

“The staff are still making sacrifices to protect the residents, and it has taken a toll,” she says. “(The church’s kind gesture shows) that people still care. It is truly a blessing.”

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