Community celebrated at Maplewood’s annual BBQ

Nice weather helps, too

July 19, 2013 — Jeanne Pengelly

If it weren’t for community sponsorship, the Maplewood barbecue just wouldn’t be the event it is.

Elvis provided the entertainment at Maplewood's annual barbecue. Photo Courtesy of OmniWay news.

Elvis provided the entertainment at Maplewood’s annual barbecue. Photo Courtesy of OmniWay news.

The event this year drew 66 guests, 49 residents and about 20 staff members.

For Tina King, who works at the barbecue every year, it’s a perfect opportunity to get involved with the residents, their families, other staff, and even members of the community.

“Every year, Tina tries to get everyone up dancing,” says life enrichment co-ordinator Rachel Corkery.

The barbecue is the largest event of the year for Maplewood. They hear feedback from residents, family and neighbours of the home for months afterward.

“If not for the community sponsorship, we would not be able to afford everything that goes into (the event). For instance the tent we get is given to us at a very low cost; otherwise I don’t know what we would do as tents this size normally cost about $1,000 to $1,500 to rent.

Donations from Sysco Foods, Mike and Lori’s No Frills and Downey Pharmacy help make the meal possible by keeping costs low, she says.

“Leading up to the BBQ the following year, we all remember the good times and memories of the years gone by,” Corkery says.

“We worry in the weeks before the event, we will have enough food? Will it be a success?  And it always is.”

Elvis, played by Matt Cage, is always in attendance at the barbecue, and a huge hit with the residents and their families.

This year, Mother Nature was also in attendance.

“I really think Mother Nature has a crush on Matt Cage, because as long as he shows up, she shows up with her best dress on,” Corkery says.

“At the end of the day all we are doing is having a big old family BBQ out on the back yard.”

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