Working at a small home has been a welcomed change for Village Green NCM

Village Green nutritional care manager Miranda Ray is pictured here holding a plate of pureed turkey, mashed potatoes and carrots.

‘You really get to know the residents on a personal level, and it’s such a cozy home,’ says Miranda Ray

Before starting her position as nutritional care manager (NCM) at Village Green in November, Miranda Ray was working at a long-term care home with more than 250 residents. Working at Village Green, which has only 66 residents, has been a big change, she says.

It has also been a welcomed change for Miranda. Working at a smaller home has allowed her to get to know residents on a more personal basis, something Miranda says she appreciates.

“This is great because you really get to know the residents on a personal level, and it’s such a cozy home,” she tells The OMNIway. “It’s so cozy, and when you walk in you see the fireplace and there’s music going, it feels so welcoming. It has been a great experience here so far.”

Miranda says there is also a family atmosphere at the Greater Napanee long-term care home.

“Everyone looks out for each other, and everyone really gets a sense of community,” she says. “I have really enjoyed working at this home. It’s unlike any place I have ever worked at.”

Miranda notes that Village Green’s residents are even invited into the interview process for new staff-member recruits.

“When we are interviewing people we have residents come in and meet those people to get a sense if they will fit in with the family, which is an extended part of us,” she says.

Looking ahead, Miranda says she is working to continually improve the quality of meal service at Village Green. Mealtimes are important to residents, and Miranda says she hopes to make good experiences even better by working with residents and team members.

“Mealtimes are some of the most important times of the day for residents,” she says. “They get to socialize. Sometimes they are able to enjoy a meal that brings back a memory that’s comforting, so looking at that and seeing where we can improve our meal service to make it even better is going to be a goal.”

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