Collaborative, month-long ‘under the sea’ theme has been a hit with Frost Manor residents

What started as an idea to decorate the dining/activity room with an underwater theme has taken on a life of its own

The dining and activity room at Frost Manor is now “under the sea.”

Decorating the room with a maritime motif is something life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton had been toying with for some time, and she and other team members at the Lindsay long-term care home have now put that idea into action.

To complement the wall decorations, which include octopuses, a shark, a ship, seaweed, crabs and many fish, have been a variety of games the team has put lots of hard work into creating. These games include feed the shark, pin the tail on the fish and some fishing activities.

“This will be going on all month,” Lyndsay tells The OMNIway. “Our staff here have really taken the idea and run with it.”

Lyndsay notes that life enrichment aide (LEA) Amy Whitehead has been “very creative” in coming up with ideas for games, while LEA Kim Williams has been an ace at coming up with the artwork adorning the walls and ceiling.

“I’ve got the dream team here in the life enrichment department,” Lyndsay says. “It’s easy to work with (Amy and Kim) because they come up with so many great ideas.”

Even the musical entertainers have jumped on board the “under the sea” concept by showing up for performances dressed in beach attire and singing songs with a water theme, such as Yellow Submarine and Under the Boardwalk, Lyndsay adds.

Frost Manor’s dietary team has also joined in on the oceanic theme by offering seafood items on the menu.

“It has been really neat to get all departments in on thinking about different things related to the theme,” Lyndsay says.

As with any project a long-term care home undertakes, the mark of success is the residents’ response.

“The residents have loved this,” Lyndsay says.

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