Chris Weber named OSNM Kawarthas representative


Nutrition and food-services manager hoping to bring shared experiences to OMNI

Friday, March 14, 2014 — Deron Hamel

Chris Weber has a long track record of dedication to food-services management, and this focus has led to him being named the Ontario Society of Nutrition Management’s (OSNM’s) Kawarthas chapter representative.

The OSNM is an organization dedicated to promoting the profession of nutrition management through education and advocacy in Ontario. Weber, OMNI Health Care’s nutrition and food services manager, says he hopes to build a network of new colleagues within the food-services industry through his position.

Weber adds that being a player in the OSNM will introduce him to many others with key interests in nutritional management and health care.

“I’m also really excited to bring the shared experiences back to OMNI,” he says.

Weber has been connected to the OSNM in the past, having attended the organization’s events. When he saw there was a vacancy for a Kawarthas representative, Weber says it was a “perfect opportunity” to enhance his career as a nutritional manager and to further his interest in the field.

“I contacted (OSNM president) Matthew Bombardier (about taking the position) and he thought it was a great idea, so I gave him more information about myself and my background and he welcomed me in and appointed me as the Area E Kawarthas region chapter representative,” Weber explains.

In this role, Weber will reach out to other nutritional managers in the community to bolster OSNM membership.

“This is exciting for me because it’s my first time as a board member, and I’m really excited about making new friends within the industry,” he says.

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