CEO excited about working with OMNI team to pave the path ahead

‘I see a bright future for OMNI,’ says Raheem Hirji

OMNI Health Care president and CEO Raheem Hirji says he’s excited about working with team members from across the organization to pave the path for the future.

And it’s a future full of possibilities and growth, Raheem says, adding what will remain firmly in place is the people-focused culture and cohesive environment the organization has always valued.

Raheem, who became OMNI Health Care’s president and CEO on May 9, says the capital redevelopment projects several OMNI homes are undergoing, as well as potential new opportunities for redevelopment, will be a big part of the organization in the foreseeable future. There may also be opportunities to expand into new avenues, such as retirement living, further down the road, he adds.

But future growth is dependent upon the continued development of people, and in the short term, that’s where Raheem wants to set OMNI’s sights.

“I see a bright future for OMNI,” Raheem tells The OMNIway. “I think there’s a ton of opportunities, and the paramount thing to that is growth and being able to develop the people, and also, while you’re growing, keeping that core culture and close-knit community feel that we have.”

Raheem says the most important part of what he calls his “first 100 days” will be getting to know the people working throughout the organization and learning more about OMNI’s key strengths and assets.

“I’m really excited to be joining and learning from the team, and the approach is going to be learning from the experts who have done this for a number of years and being able to be a team, so I am super excited,” he says.

Learning as much as he can about the OMNI of today will help Raheem and other team leaders chart the course to create the OMNI of tomorrow, he says.

“The way I look at it, the biggest asset OMNI has is not the real estate and it’s not the homes, the biggest asset is really the people, and I cannot emphasize that enough,” Raheem says.

“The people are what gives me hope. I know there’s a number of people who have been (at OMNI) for a long, long time and have really steered the direction of OMNI, and it’s really the people that contribute to this business and contribute meaningful moments that allow our residents to call this home. That’s what gives me the most optimism about the future.”

– This is Part 2 of a two-part story

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