OMNI receives final approvals to begin Woodland Villa redevelopment project

Renovations to expand the home from 111 to 128 beds will begin shortly

OMNI Health Care has taken initial steps towards beginning its redevelopment project to add 17 long-term care beds to Woodland Villa by carrying out preparatory work in anticipation of receiving the final approvals.

The project, which will increase the size of the Cornwall-area long-term care home from 111 beds to 128, is expected to begin shortly and be completed by December 2022, the original target date set when the project’s funding was approved by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in May 2018.

Several permits and approvals – both at the provincial and municipal level – must be obtained before long-term-care home redevelopment projects can move forward.

Construction was scheduled to start last spring at Woodland Villa; however, the global pandemic caused a setback because plans had to be created to ensure safety measures meeting Ontario’s COVID-19 precautions for workers were in place.

Once completed, the redeveloped Woodland Villa will have four spacious neighbourhoods where residents will live. There will also be wider hallways, more home-like dining and lounge spaces, and privacy for residents will be improved by replacing three- and four-bed wards with one- and two-bed rooms. The new design will also surround two courtyards, and there will be a large common area in the centre.

OMNI Health Care president and CEO Patrick McCarthy says the organization is pleased the redevelopment project is ready to begin.

“We are really happy to be underway and we are looking forward to the new Woodland Villa meeting the new design standards,” he says.

Woodland Villa is one of four OMNI long-term care homes to receive approval for redevelopment funding from the ministry.

Pleasant Meadow Manor has been approved for a redevelopment project to include 35 new beds, Almonte Country Haven will be awarded 17 beds and Country Terrace will be awarded eight new beds.

OMNI has also received ministry approval to build a new 160-bed Riverview Manor in Peterborough’s north end.

Final approvals for the Pleasant Meadow Manor and Almonte Country Haven redevelopment projects are expected to be received in the coming weeks, McCarthy says.

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