Willows Estate makes upping fluid intake fun

Willows Estate

Aurora home hosts theme days featuring drinks, Popsicles

From Mocktail Mondays to Thirsty Thursdays, Willows Estate is helping residents stay hydrated during humid summer days. Read more

Willows Estates serves tea for 22

OMNI homes celebrate Mother’s Day

Willows Estate was thinking pink when it came to planning this year’s Mother’s Day tea. Read more

‘We’re both giving to each other in different ways’

Willows Estate volunteer Rose Vanderhoff (right) shares a moment with resident Sylvia Eriksson.

Friendship circle rewarding for Willows Estate volunteer, residents

A friendship circle is a popular gathering all-round for residents and the volunteer who co-ordinates the activity at Willows Estate. Read more

Willows Estate toasts volunteers with roast beef dinner

Willows Estate nutritional care team member Charlene Robinson takes a break with desserts. She prepared a roast beef dinner recently to honour the Aurora long-term care home’s volunteers.

‘They’re helpful and they’re dedicated’

From the man who clears the dishes after a meal to the woman who hosts a small friendship circle, Willows Estate views its volunteers as integral members of the care team. Read more

Aurora ladies to get shopping fix

Willows Estate

Willows Estate residents enjoy Walmart trip

From selecting a new handbag to purchasing sweets, a shopping trip usually provides a little boost for Willows Estate residents. Read more

Business donates $1,500 in Tim Hortons cards to Willows Estate

Willows Estate

Residents enjoy coffee outings, doughnuts, discussion

The coffee’s on.

Java and doughnuts are plentiful these days for residents of Willows Estate in Aurora. Read more

Corn roast whets resident appetites at Willow Estate

Willows Estate enjoy a corn roast at the Aurora, Ont. long-term care home Aug. 31.

‘It was such a huge success’

Sweet corn fresh from the cob and garnished with real butter is residents to reach for a second helping in more ways than one.

Willows Estate residents recently enjoyed a “corn roast” and some people enjoyed two or three cobs of corn. And, the event was such a hit, residents are now asking for an encore before summer’s end.

Willows Estate hosted its first gathering for the Aurora long-term care home residents Aug. 31 on the home’s patio. At least 20 residents took part and 48 cobs of corn were consumed.

“It was such a huge success,” life enrichment co-ordinator Teddy Mazzuca tells The OMNIway.

“It’s something different” adds Teddy about why the event was so popular. And there’s more to the story than a meal. “It’s a social event.”

On the day of the affair, amidst beautiful weather, residents who wished to participate gathered in the long-term care home’s kitchen to husk the corn. The corn was then cooked in large pots of boiling water and prepped to be served outdoors.

The cobs of corn were purchased from a local farm. Teddy says it has proven to be an especially good year for flavourful corn on the cob.

At a residents’ council meeting Sept. 6, residents requested another corn roast before the summer officially ends in a few weeks.

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Willows Estate residents have ‘a ball’ at Medieval Times

Willows Estate

Show dramatic, ‘very appealing’ for theatre-goers: Teddy Mazzuca

From watching knights joust to eating a meal with no utensils, a recent trip to Medieval Times was an “awesome” experience for Willows Estate. Read more

Willows Estate hosts trip to Medieval Times

Willows Estate

‘It’s a bigger, exciting outing’

Residents will step back in time today (March 28), into the period of sword-donning knights in shining armour. Read more

Willows perseveres during outbreak

Home brings Valentine’s Day goodies to residents, staff

With a little TLC and creativity, Willows Estate made Valentine’s Day a sweet occasion for its residents. Read more