Karen Keeler a champion at helping staff identify their strengths

West Lake Terrace 3

RAI co-ordinator receives West Lake Terrace’s Inspired Leader award

RAI co-ordinator Karen Keeler has been a champion at helping ensure West Lake Terrace’s front-line staff members’ coding is reflective of their hard work. Read more

Improved locomotion on the rise at West Lake Terrace

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As a result, more residents are active, and falls and agitation have decreased

Physiotherapy programs and providing residents with assistive mobility devices are attributed to increased locomotion among residents at West Lake Terrace. Read more

Everyday Hero lifts spirits at West Lake Terrace

LG-HandsPSW receives recognition for her contributions

West Lake Terrace is honouring an employee who “brings out the best in everybody” and is cherished by residents and staff alike. Read more

Home brings back ‘50s, smiles to residents’ faces

An Elvis Presley impersonator provides entertainment during West Lake Terrace's annual family barbecue.

An Elvis Presley impersonator provides entertainment at West Lake Terrace.

West Lake Terrace holds annual family barbecue

With the decor of a 1950s high school dance, seniors sang and watched in delight as the young great-granddaughter of a resident stole the show with her moves. Read more

Two homes feeling community love


Frost Manor and West Lake Terrace can attest to the importance of support from others

Two OMNI Health Care long-term care homes have recently seen the value of having strong community connections, when anonymous individuals showed their generosity by making donations to help further quality of life for residents. Read more

West Lake Terrace thankful for anonymous donations

This piano was recently donated to West Lake Terrace.

This piano was recently donated to West Lake Terrace.

Home has new a piano and will be building a new patio, thanks to donors’ generosity

West Lake Terrace has a new piano and the home is building a top-notch patio, thanks to two anonymous donations that has everyone feeling “very blessed” at the Prince Edward County long-term care home. Read more

West Lake Terrace launches writing program for residents


Activity provides forum for residents’ creativity to flourish

West Lake Terrace has launched an innovative storytelling program that’s helping residents “replace the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.”

Janie Butler, the Prince Edward County long-term care home’s life enrichment co-ordinator, started the activity about two months ago after coming across the U.S.-based TimeSlips program online.

The program is geared towards residents with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia but it is open to all residents.

The TimeSlips website provides a myriad of photos that can be downloaded. As part of the program, people view the photos and then write a story that explains the image.

What’s most exciting about the program, which the home calls Creative Story Writing, is the fact that residents creativity is blossoming, Butler says, adding that the program can be adjusted for one-to-one programming.

“The residents are really enjoying the program and we have some wonderful stories that they have created,” she tells The OMNIway.

For example, one photo from the 1920s features a group of women in short skirts – an unusual style for the time – dancing. Women who formed this subculture at the time were called “flappers”.

Five residents involved with the program, working with life enrichment aide Makenzie Struthers-Mattis, created a story about how a woman’s grandchildren asked her about a dress in her closet. So the grandmother tells them about the dress, which leads to her teaching her grandchildren how to dance.

The program, which is hosted every other Thursday, is becoming a big attraction at West Lake Terrace, Butler says.

“The residents look forward to the program and they share a lot of laughs – it’s just something different for them to do,” Butler says. “When I announce it in the morning, you can hear the residents say, ‘I have to remember to go to Creative Story Writing.’”

There is also training and certification available through TimeSlips. Butler says she plans to become certified this year.

Click here to learn more about TimeSlips.

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West Lake team ventures outside their comfort zone

Many of them had never done it before but now that they have, the team members behind West Lake Terrace’s contribution to the OMNI Video Challenge are feeling upbeat. Read more

West Lake Terrace putting lifts and transfers to music

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Staff members laying groundwork for OMNI Video Challenge

West Lake Terrace has been tasked with creating a video about safe resident lifts and transfers for the OMNI Video Challenge, and managers have been busy laying the foundation for a series of songs demonstrating the quality improvement measure. Read more

Santa visits West Lake Terrace — twice

Volunteer Larry Tilander and resident Joyce Cowley spend time together at West Lake Terrace on Christmas Day.

Volunteer Larry Tilander and resident Joyce Cowley spend time together at West Lake Terrace on Christmas Day.

Volunteers make a difference to residents on Christmas Day

Two volunteers who donned Santa Claus costumes Christmas Day and stopped by West Lake Terrace to visit residents are being thanked for their generosity during the holiday season. Read more