When LTC staff becomes a resident’s family

West Lake Terrace LEC Janie Denard reflects on the emotional and learning experiences that come with being a resident’s closest connection

There’s a role long-term-care home staff members play that’s not often talked about, yet it’s a role they play frequently, says Janie Denard. That’s the role of being family to residents who have no relatives. Read more

Keeping hands busy fends off agitation, increases residents’ appetite: LEC

Finger-painting on an iPad and potato-peeling are among activities that are helping West Lake residents most

West Lake Terrace life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Janie Denard says programming aimed at enhancing quality of life for residents affected by cognitive impairment is not only preventing agitation, it’s also increasing appetites. Read more

West Lake Terrace forms new ‘small but mighty’ family council

New council seeks to create a partnership among family members, residents and staff

Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Janie Denard made creating a family council at West Lake Terrace a goal for 2017. Thanks to her persistence, a group of family members has been formed to meet on a monthly basis. Read more

West Lake residents help design new décor in three areas of the home

Pictured above is some of the artwork West Lake Terrace residents have created to add to the home’s new decor.

‘This is their home, so we felt it was very important that they have a say in what colours were chosen’

When West Lake Terrace team members decided to make some renovations to the Prince Edward County long-term care home, they approached residents to help them design the new décor in the dining room, TV lounge and Montessori room. Read more

Local children’s choir performs for West Lake residents

LEA says intergenerational activity was beneficial for everyone

A choir made up of 14 children from nearby Emmanuel Baptist Church performed for nearly all of West Lake Terrace’s 47 residents on Dec. 29. Read more

OMNI team members know a good idea when they see one


Creative, meaningful initiatives sparked by ideas from other places

The innovative initiatives introduced by team members at several OMNI Health Care homes this year have this in common: They came about because someone at the home recognized a good idea from somewhere else. Read more

Campfire program spawns high engagement for residents of all abilities

West Lake Terrace residents are seen here gathering around the "campfire" during an Aug. 17 program at the home.

West Lake Terrace residents are seen here gathering around the “campfire” during an Aug. 17 program at the home.

West Lake Terrace LEC recommends activity to other LTC homes

A makeshift campfire in the activity room at West Lake Terrace on Aug. 17 proved to be the perfect tool for engaging residents of all cognitive abilities and garnering a lot of participation, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Janie Denard. Read more

Leading by example from the kitchen


Nutritional care aide Leisha Mindle always looking to improve care and challenging others to do the same

Leisha Mindle’s leadership shines through from the kitchen at West Lake Terrace long-term care home as she pays consistent attention to details and shows a steadfast dedication to the residents.

Read more

West Lake Terrace appreciates Amber Andrus’ positive outlook


PSW’s bubbly spirit, willingness to go the extra mile makes her an ‘Everyday Hero’ to residents, staff

No matter what circumstances are unfolding, West Lake Terrace personal support worker (PSW) Amber Andrus somehow always manages to maintain a positive outlook. Read more

(VIDEO) ‘Fun with Flags’ and other quality focused videos from OMNI


Team members from Village Green, Willows Estate and West Lake Terrace can be seen showcasing their knowledge of quality and quality improvement in the latest group of video skits from OMNI Health Care’s leadership forum.

The focus of Village Green’s skit is identifying “flags” or risk factors pertaining to individual residents, such falling or continence issues. Village Green’s skit, which is a parody of a newscast, can be seen here.

Meanwhile, team members from Willows Estate and West Lake Terrace explained the importance of setting priorities and how this relates to quality in long-term care in their skits. The folks from the Willows used a storytelling theme for their video, while the West Lake Terrace team used a question-and-answer session as their prop.

The Willows Estate video can be seen here.

The West Lake Terrace video can be seen here.

OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes were each tasked to create a skit focused on an area of quality. The skits were performed at the forum, which was held in Kingston May 17-19. The skits were judged in three categories: information value, entertainment value and their relevance to long-term care.

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