(VIDEO) Rosebridge, Pleasant Meadow skits use humour to underscore quality


Rosebridge Manor and Pleasant Meadow Manor both used humour to underscore the importance of quality in the skits they produced at OMNI Health Care’s leadership forum. Read more

(VIDEO) Rosebridge Manor residents, families help with home’s ‘quality skit’

Rosebridge Manor received help from the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home’s residents and family members during the creative process of making a quality-focused skit for OMNI Health Care’s leadership forum. The skit was awarded first prize in a contest that was judged by managers at the forum. Read more

Rosebridge recognizes its valued volunteers

Appreciation was on the menu at a recent function at Rosebridge Manor.

Appreciation was on the menu at a recent function at Rosebridge Manor.

Home holds appreciation luncheon

From the person who faithfully visits a resident to the other who performs in a musical group, Rosebridge Manor extends its gratitude.

With National Volunteer Week falling earlier in April, it provided a formal opportunity for the Jasper long-term care home to celebrate and pay tribute to its unpaid workforce.

Kathy Barr, life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Rosebridge Manor, speaks highly about the value of having 40 or so men and women who generously offer their time to the rural long-term care home.

“It’s important to us to formally show our volunteers how much they are appreciated,” Barr says.
“We always have a nice lunch for our volunteers.”

Barr planned on sharing a few words during the event about the positive impact volunteers have on residents. “I try to make it as personalized as possible and make sure that each and every one of them knows how much they are respected and cared about for what they do.

“I think they add a great deal to residents’ lives,” the LEC says. “I see the residents light up.”

Seniors who don’t have relatives or frequent visitors particularly benefit from the one-on-one connection with the volunteers.

They also provide residents with their connection to the community, she notes.

Other volunteers share their style of musical entertainment, which residents enjoy.

Those who give their time to Rosebridge also help making outings possible for additional residents by accompanying staff and seniors. Volunteers provide an extra pair of hands and enrich the experience through their engagement.

Rosebridge has about 30 regular volunteers and an additional 10 or so who are part of large singing groups that perform at the home a few times a year.

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Rosebridge Manor hosts Mother’s Day tea


‘It’s a chance to bring everybody together’

Rosebridge Manor is honouring thy mothers. Read more

Rosebridge Manor residents getting ready for the gardening season

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Gillian Organ, seen standing, is helping residents plant flowers that will soon be placed in the home's gardens.

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Gillian Organ, seen standing, is helping residents plant flowers that will soon be placed in the home’s gardens.

Home’s garden club gets residents reminiscing, supports OMNI’s mission

Rosebridge Manor residents are preparing to have the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home’s gardens and flower beds looking at their best with an array of new perennial bulb plants that will flourish this spring. Read more

Resident finds ‘world of joy’ in helping and caring at Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor resident Joyce Edgeley.

Rosebridge Manor resident Joyce Edgeley, pictured above, can often be found helping others.

Joyce Edgeley seeks to ensure residents’ concerns are addressed through resident’s council

Describing herself as fortunate to be as well as she is, Joyce Edgeley has been making her mark at Rosebridge Manor as a resident who constantly goes out of her way to help out and ensure her fellow residents are well cared for. Read more

Teams aim to ‘get on same page’ in supporting residents’ responsive behaviours

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor staff, external support teams take steps to enhance communication, co-ordinate support of residents

With several different teams supporting Rosebridge Manor residents who demonstrate responsive behaviours, a need to boost the communication and co-ordination of the various teams’ efforts has become apparent. Read more

Rosebridge Manor’s resident focus shines bright in 2015

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

Long-term care home reveals depth of commitment to honouring residents’ traditions, desires and gifts

Rosebridge Manor’s commitment to its residents shone through in a significant way in 2015, as several stories from this past year show. Read more

Rosebridge Manor honours resident’s Remembrance Day tradition

Jim and Mildred Bell participate in Rosebridge Manor's Remembrance Day ceremony.

Jim and Mildred Bell participate in Rosebridge Manor’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

Rosebridge resident recites In Flanders Fields

Mildred Bell becomes choked up as she recites In Flanders Fields, bringing tears to the eyes of those listening to the 85-year-old woman deliver the poem. Read more

Housekeeper ‘goes above and beyond’ duties

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge Manor

Rosebridge names Barb Prowse Everyday Hero

If a resident asks for a cup of coffee or requests assistance, Barb Prowse is quick to put down her cleaning supplies and lend a hand. Read more