Keeping it real: Accurate data crucial for quality care (VIDEO)

Providing exceptional care is the essence of OMNI Health Care.

The organization aims to give its long-term care residents the highest quality of care by determining specific areas for improvement and assessing several key indicators of health and care. Data collection plays a vital role in this process and the accuracy of the data is a must. Read more

Homes ready for public reporting (VIDEO)

OMNI Health Care has demonstrated its commitment to quality in preparation for public reporting next April.

Each long-term care home generated a quality improvement working plan and a narrative statement of goals and priorities Sept. 10-11. Sarah Ferguson, OMNI’s director of operations for eastern region, says it was a “great learning experience” for the homes, which now have “a better understanding of what’s needed” for public reporting. Read more

Setting the stage for success (VIDEO)

OMNI Health Care utilizes tools to determine the priorities for enhancing quality of care. It’s an informed decision making process that clarifies significant issues to address. Read more

COPs meeting brings together OMNI leaders (VIDEO)

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – About 70 administrators, directors of care and RAI co-ordinators from OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes gathered in Peterborough Sept. 10 for a communities of practice (COPs) meeting. Read more