Sharing some sweetness

Pleasant Meadow residents and staff treated to cake and ice cream, courtesy of local Lioness Club

Residents and staff members at Pleasant Meadow Manor were recently on the receiving end of some community love when members of the Norwood Lioness Club stopped by with cake and ice cream.

On Aug. 5, representatives from the Lioness Club, who were wearing face masks and practising social distancing, showed up at the Norwood, Ont. long-term care home’s parking lot with the sweet treats that were dished out to everyone.

The Peterborough Examiner even showed up to take a photo that was published the next day.

This isn’t the first time the Norwood Lioness Club has shown its support for the folks at Pleasant Meadow Manor. In February, club members dropped off Valentine’s Day cards for everyone.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, it has also sparked many random acts of kindness like this.

Kim Williams, the life enrichment co-ordinator at Pleasant Meadow Manor, says the cake and ice cream the Lioness Club delivered went over well with everyone.

“The residents were overjoyed at their generosity and thoroughly enjoyed their treats,” she tells The OMNIway.

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Pleasant Meadow Manor

Norwood LTC home provides beverages, conditioned air, A/C

Pleasant Meadow Manor is keeping its cool during the current heatwave in Norwood, Ont.

Susan Towns, the long-term care home’s director of care (DOC), says the home has conditioned air, which is not an air conditioner but a unit akin to a large dehumidifier that essentially removes the humidity from the air. The lounges at the end of the home’s two care hallways are air-conditioned by portable units.

“When it gets really hot we use those as our cooling centres,” Susan says.

“We also do extra fluid runs. In the morning, (we offer) juice and water and we really push the water. In the afternoon we do a popsicle run and during evenings also.”

Residents don’t always realize they’re overheated, the DOC says. “If we start seeing them looking a little (off) we will start pushing extra, extra fluids. If we notice they are starting to have real difficulty, we take them down to the end lounge where the air conditioning is.”

Pleasant Meadow Manor has a shady back patio but if it’s really hot outdoors staff members discourage residents from going outside. “That heat can really knock the socks off of them really quickly and change their condition,” Susan notes. “We’d rather them stay inside.”

Seniors, people living with chronic health issues and those taking certain medications are especially susceptible to becoming ill when temperatures rise, the Canadian Red Cross states on its website.

While it’s important to keep fluid intake levels high in warmer weather, residents don’t always like to drink large quantities of liquids. In addition to the fluid runs, family members can help out by encouraging residents to stay hydrated or even bring in drinks their loved ones enjoy.

Pleasant Meadow Manor also offers support to employees feeling the heat. “If it’s really hot, they’re allowed extra breaks in the staff room which is air-conditioned.” Employees also partake in the afternoon Popsicle runs.

If you have a story you would like to share with The OMNIway, please contact the newsroom at deron(at)

If you have feedback on this story, please contact the newsroom at deron(at)