When the beach called, Country Terrace answered

12 residents enjoy a summer day in Port Stanley

Is there a better way to spend a warm summer day than on a beach?

A dozen Country Terrace residents didn’t think so when they headed 45 kilometres south of the Komoka long-term care home July 25 to relax on the sand and in the water at Port Stanley’s beach. Read more

Resident designs tennis-ball game to be played at Frost Manor

Frost Manor resident Art Ouellette is pictured here with the Art Tennis Lob, a tennis-ball game he created with the help of family member Gerry Todd.

Art Ouellette worked with family member Gerry Todd to create the Art Tennis Lob

LINDSAY, Ont. – Art Ouellette has a collection of about 300 tennis balls and the Frost Manor resident wanted to do something that would put them to good use, so he designed a game that can be enjoyed by everyone at the Lindsay long-term care home. Read more

Harnessing community connections is enhancing quality of life for residents

Pictured left to right, Frost Manor residents Michael Lane, Dorothy Burrows, Chrystol Broom, Sharon Arsenault and Sylvia Trumbull enjoying a Tablet Time session.

OMNI Health Care long-term care homes have recently been demonstrating the value of creating community partnerships to help enhance quality of life for their residents.
Read more

Riverview BSO team shining bright this year

Riverview Manor BSO team member Karlie Phillips holds the costume-jewel-studded lanyard she made to prompt a resident to wear her decorative WanderGuard.

Creative interventions are enhancing quality of life for residents with cognitive impairment

Riverview Manor’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team has created several successful interventions in recent months that have proven beneficial to enhancing quality of life for residents living with cognitive impairment. Read more

Woodland Triobike is back on the road and getting lots of use

In this June 2018 file photo, Woodland Villa resident Muriel VanAllen and staff member Karen Brennan are pictured stopping by a Tim Hotrons for coffee on the home’s Triobike.

Woodland Villa residents are once again enjoying summer rides around the Long Sault area on the home’s Triobike. Read more

Ladies, gentlemen start your engines

Rosebridge Manor residents’ council president Bud Dyment enjoys a July 18 classic car show at the Jasper long-term care home.

Rosebridge Manor hosts classic car show

Rosebridge Manor residents were revved up recently by the throaty rumble of classic cars pulling into the long-term care home’s parking lot. Read more

Interaction with Dachshund has ‘pawsitive’ results at Maplewood

Visiting puppy to become a regular activity at Brighton long-term care home

Much to residents’ delight, Maplewood recently had the pitter-patter of puppy paws in the Brighton long-term care home. Read more

Positive attitude, strong work ethic and creative flair are among Everyday Hero’s attributes

Frost Manor LEA Kim Williams is praised by her colleagues for the enthusiasm she brings to enhancing residents’ quality of life

Since joining the Frost Manor life enrichment team a year ago, Kim Williams has approached her job each day with a positive attitude and a genuine desire to enhance quality of life for the Lindsay long-term care home’s 62 residents, her colleagues say. Read more

Monthly barbecues draw families, promote connections

‘Everybody is happy and in a good mood’

Bonding over burgers and sausages, residents, staff and family members are making new connections and strengthening existing relationships at Rosebridge Manor. Read more

National dementia strategy provides opportunities to improve what we already do well

On June 17, the federal government launched Canada’s long-awaited dementia strategy, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of dementia, preventing the condition, finding a cure and improving quality of life for those living with cognitive impairment.

Naturally, OMNI Health Care, along with the long-term care sector at large, approves of this move, given the large-scale impact dementia has on our residents.

In fact, an estimated 70 per cent of people living in Canadian long-term care homes have some form of dementia.

Adding to this, seniors are the most vulnerable age group affected by dementia, and there are more Canadians today who are 65 and older than there are people 14 and younger.

The launch of Canada’s dementia strategy comes at a crucial time. With a growing number of Canadians expected to develop dementia in the coming years, it will be challenging for the long-term care sector to accommodate everyone affected by the neurodegenerative disease.

But having a national dementia strategy is positioning OMNI and other long-term care providers to be equipped to face this challenge.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada characterizes Canada’s national dementia strategy as “the single most powerful tool to improve dementia care and support.

“The strategy ensures that all Canadians living with dementia, their families and their caregivers have the same level of access, quality of care and services, regardless of where they live,” the organization states.

So, how does this impact people with dementia living in OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes?

Our team members bring a treasure trove of experience to the table improving the lives of people living with various forms of dementia. The national dementia strategy is not a magic bullet; rather it is a tool to bolster what we are already doing well: bringing a high quality of life to people with dementia living in our homes.

An important component of the strategy is to ramp up evidenced-based best practices and share these tried and proven methods for working with people who have dementia coast to coast. Everyone will benefit.

In short, having a national dementia strategy will help us do what we are already doing even better.