Residents win big with casino activity

Maplewood offers card game, slot machine, more

With the roll of the dice, Maplewood life enrichment staff members spun a winning activity recently for residents. Read more

Maplewood Christmas Bazaar nets $1,700

‘It was a huge success’

From handmade mincemeat pies to sparkly Christmas knick-knacks, the holiday season kicked off at Maplewood Nov. 24. Read more

Maplewood PSW goes above, beyond call of duty

Employee supports resident during emotional time

A recent Remembrance Day ceremony moved a Maplewood resident to tears. Read more

Volunteers a sweet asset for Maplewood

Brighton home hosts appreciation event

Volunteering is a sweet affair at Maplewood.

From jelly beans to Swedish berries, the Brighton long-term care home expressed its appreciation for its volunteers with a number of sugary treats and a special event recently. Read more

RN appreciates Maplewood’s support during illness

RN Kelly McEwan, right, socializes during a Sept. 23 barbecue at Maplewood.

‘They’ve been very good here’

BRIGHTON, Ont. – As she prepares for surgery Sept. 25, Kelly McEwan knows she has a team rooting for her recovery and well-being. Read more

Maplewood ‘has a lot of heart’

Tegan McNeill paints a child’s face during staff appreciation day at Maplewood.

Brighton home hosts staff appreciation day, fundraiser

BRIGHTON, Ont. – When those who take care of the vulnerable become vulnerable themselves, a community steps up to support them. Read more

Nature’s bounty inspires local events in Brighton

Maplewood to celebrate AppleFest with outing, fruit crisp

The small town of Brighton is gearing up for its signature event of the year. Read more

Maplewood plays host to Brighton Cruise Night

Cook Diana Payne and resident Stanley Veinnot enjoy checking out a 1914 Ford Model T.

Resident gets in driver’s seat of vintage car

Maplewood resident Stanley Veinnot was grinning from ear-to-ear July 9 as he took to the wheel of a 1914 Ford Model T. Read more

And they call it kitty love

Residents enjoy sharing home with Maplewood DOC’s cat

Residents of Maplewood are reveling in the delight of the home’s latest occupant, who is really the cat’s meow.
Meet Edgar Allan Pilon, feline companion of Maplewood director of care (DOC) Samantha Pilon. Read more

Maplewood’s garden attracts variety of visitors


Flowers, veggies come to life in tranquil space

With vibrant red roses, a meandering stone path and a charming gazebo, Maplewood’s garden space is a draw for residents, staff and family members alike. Read more