Spirit Days helps build morale, strengthen camaraderie at Kentwood Park

Kentwood Park team members are seen here during one of the Picton long-term care home’s recent Spirit Days.

New initiative brings OMNI’s core value of fun and laughter to the forefront

After Kentwood Park team members completed a WorkLife Plus survey to help prepare for next year’s accreditation, the Picton long-term care home’s managers noticed staff morale scores were low, so they created an action plan to make coming to work a more enriching experience. Read more

Kentwood Park ‘tree’ is honouring residents – past and present

Pictured above, a tree designed by Kentwood Park life enrichment aides is honouring residents, both past and present, and enhancing the Picton long-term care home’s family atmosphere.

Life enrichment aides’ idea falls in line with two areas of OMNI’s focus: quality and mindfulness

Kentwood Park’s residents and life enrichment team have created a way to celebrate people living at the Picton long-term care home as well as honouring past residents. Read more

Memory games, makeshift Snoezelen, room among successful interventions at Kentwood Park

Kentwood Park

Activities customized to best meet needs of residents with cognitive impairment

The Kentwood Park life enrichment team has created several interventions to ensure residents of all cognitive abilities are fully engaged in programming. Read more

‘Secret valentines’ serve up surprise for Kentwood Park residents

Kentwood Park’s dining room tables were furnished with surprise gift bags and cards for residents to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the lunch hour on Feb. 14.

Staff members made sure each resident received gifts and a card on Feb. 14

Kentwood Park residents were treated to a special Valentine’s Day event over the lunch hour on Feb. 14 when staff members surprised them with cards and gifts. Read more

Kentwood LEC mentors, inspires youth

Kentwood Park

Kentwood Park

‘Lisa has the ability to bring these students out of their shells’

Ayla Lambert has drawn on the inspiration she needs to find herself, discover her career path and move out of province. Read more

(VIDEO) Four OMNI homes get creative to highlight quality


In today’s video series, four OMNI Health Care homes demonstrate their knowledge of quality and quality improvement with creative skits ranging from a take on a popular talk show to a showdown between an angel and a devil. Read more

Family member enlivens Kentwood Park with her go-getter spirit

LEAD Wreaths

Family member Barb Hogan with her mother, Irene, and one of the 60 blankets they made together. The wreaths pictured to the right are another project Barb had a hand in bringing into the long-term care home.

‘I just enjoy the interaction and seeing everyone have fun,’ says Barb Hogan

One evening Barb Hogan was visiting her mother who lives at Kentwood Park long-term care home in Picton. Nothing much was happening and there was nothing on TV, so she decided to “nab,” as she says, a few residents for a simple game of ring toss. Read more

Kentwood Park volunteers give 100 per cent to residents, LEC says


‘The minute I need something, it’s a simple phone call and they’re here’

Barb Hogan and Sue Capon are two generous volunteers who have been brightening up the lives of residents at Kentwood Park long-term care home. Read more

‘We do a lot of muddin’ ’


Kentwood Park LEC’s annual vacation features lots of mud, power and cherished family time

It’s easy to imagine motors revving, squeals of laughter and mud flying when Kentwood Park life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lisa Mills describes her family’s unique vacation tradition. Read more

Gnomes invade Kentwood Park

The three-foot stump of a Manitoba maple that was recently cut down at Kentwood Park has become a “gnome home.”

The three-foot stump of a Manitoba maple that was recently cut down at Kentwood Park has become a “gnome home.”

3-foot tree stump provides home for 6 ‘guests’

When an old Manitoba maple needed to be felled in Kentwood Park’s garden, residents and staff members came up with a creative idea that would let the tree’s legacy live on as a new home for some recently arrived guests – six garden gnomes. Read more