Ending the Alzheimer’s stigma: what LTC homes can do

Mary Schulz, director of education for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Engaging residents, families and local communities is the key to helping others understand the condition

Alzheimer Society of Canada director of education Mary Schulz says long-term care homes are well-positioned to help end the stigma attached to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia because they are “communities within communities” that can engage others to debunk myths about the condition. Read more

Alzheimer Society campaign working to help Canadians understand dementia

Mary Schulz, director of education for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Many Canadians living with Alzheimer’s and dementia are living active lives. Educating people about this helps reduce harmful stigma

When many Canadians hear the words “Alzheimer’s disease” or “dementia,” images of people with low cognitive abilities who are in the late stages of these conditions often come to mind. However, many people with dementia continue living their lives the way they always have and are active in their communities, working and volunteering, says Mary Schulz. Read more

Creative minds flourish at OMNI in 2018

OMNI Health Care’s core value of creativity flourished in 2018, resulting in innovative programming that enhanced quality of life for people living in the organization’s long-term care homes.

In early 2018, the Woodland Villa team bought a Triobike to help residents of all physical abilities go into town for a safe, enjoyable bike ride with others. By June, the Triobike, a three-wheeled bike with a two-seat carriage at the front, was ready to hit the streets. The bike was used this year to take residents for rides around Long Sault, to Tim Hortons and even to stop in on family members.

“(The Triobike) gives anyone and everyone the right to wind in their hair,” said Woodland Villa administrator Janna Sabourin.

Knowing that the 1950s is a decade that brings back fond memories for many residents, the Rosebridge Manor team decided to host a ’50s-themed diner at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home in early autumn.

The team displayed printed photos of Elvis Presley and set the tables with red tablecloths and checkered napkins.

The meal was served by a waitress – Rosebridge Manor’s nutritional care manager Kori Bigelow – who was dressed for the role in an ensemble that included a pencil skirt complete with a poodle embellishment.

Residents enjoyed whistle dogs and french fries served in baskets, along with milkshakes and sundaes. Music from the decade accompanied the meal held in the dining room, which was named Elsie’s Diner for the occasion.

“It’s something different for (residents),” said life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kathy Barr. “It brings back memories from a different time of their life.”

Kim Williams, a new member of the Frost Manor life enrichment team, demonstrated her creative flair during Halloween this year. She came up with a craft idea to create pieces of art with masks for Halloween.

She got 15 residents in on the fun creating these unique masks that reflected each resident’s personal taste. The masks were assembled using glitter, paint, foam shapes and paper cutouts.

The masks were worn on Halloween evening for the Halloween party where the residents got to dress up and compete for the best-dressed.

“Kim’s energy and enthusiasm for this event (spread) throughout the home and residents (were) very excited for the Halloween Party,” said the Lindsay long-term care home’s LEC Lyndsay Burton.

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2018 Fall Prevention Month campaign underscores important role we all play in keeping seniors on their feet

Toolkit and other resources are being offered by the campaign to help organizations, caregivers and family members of all ages learn more about preventing falls in older adults

November is Fall Prevention Month across Canada, and the theme for this year’s campaign is “It takes a community to prevent a fall. We all have a role to play.” Read more

OMNI homes shepherd in autumn

AppleFest, fall fair among resident activities

A crispness in the air, a fall fair and the apple harvest are sure signs of a change of season in Ontario. Read more

VIDEO: Amazing Quest for Quality Care makes its second appearance at OMNI’s Quality Forum

For the second straight year, OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Quality Forum hosted the Amazing Quest for Quality Care, a competition that focuses on the core value of fun and laughter while underscoring the importance of quality resident care. Read more

Jayne Harvey discusses maximizing resident care and safety at Quality Forum

The Riverview Manor team is pictured here stacking cups into a pyramid using elastic bands during a presentation from Jayne Harvey at OMNI’s Quality Forum on Sept. 27. The exercise was aimed at demonstrating the challenge of balancing care and safety.

Longtime favourite forum presenter says balancing care and safety ‘requires eyes wide open all the time’

ORILLIA, Ont. – Resident safety is everyone’s responsibility when providing care in a long-term care home, and safety focus is not something that should be separated by departments – it needs to be a concerted effort from all team members. This was the key message in Jayne Harvey’s presentation at OMNI Health Care’s Quality Forum, entitled Maximizing Resident Care and Safety. Read more

OMNI team members create videos showcasing their homes’ strengths

A major highlight at this year’s Quality Forum was a series of videos created by OMNI homes that highlighted many points of quality.

The videos, which were driven by managers and front-line staff, also harnessed core value of creativity. The videos were screened at OMNI’s Quality Forum

ORILLIA, Ont. – A new feature at OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Quality Forum was the screening of a series of videos produced by team members to showcase the strengths the organization’s long-term care homes have, their commitment to quality and the things residents like best about living in OMNI homes. Read more

Teamwork and sense of family among OMNI homes leaves impression on two new Quality Forum attendees

Nutritional care managers Zach Jarvis (left) and Eli Thompson (right) are pictured here at Fern Resort on Sept. 28.

Eli Thompson and Zach Jarvis say events like the Quest for Quality highlighted these aspects of OMNI’s culture at the three-day forum

ORILLIA, Ont. – Two first-time attendees at OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Quality Forum say what impressed them most about the three-day conference at Fern Resort was the sense of family and teamwork they experienced. Read more