(VIDEO) Four OMNI homes get creative to highlight quality


In today’s video series, four OMNI Health Care homes demonstrate their knowledge of quality and quality improvement with creative skits ranging from a take on a popular talk show to a showdown between an angel and a devil. Read more

Garden Terrace RN spearheading campaign to help people affected by Alberta wildfire

Garden Terrace

Garden Terrace

Meredith Tomas is even using vacation days to help with relief effort

If helping others facing a major crisis became an Olympic event, Garden Terrace registered nurse Meredith Tomas would surely win gold. Read more

Social media helping Garden Terrace get signatures for Better Seniors’ Care campaign


Home already has 200 more signed letters than last year and is ‘hoping for more’

Garden Terrace is discovering that social media is an effective tool for engaging people in the importance of obtaining more government funding for Ontario long-term care homes.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association’s (OLTCA’s) Better Seniors’ Care campaign and letter-writing contest will be on until spring, and Garden Terrace has already received 200 more signatures on letters advocating for more long-term care funding than last year.

As part of the campaign, the letters will be sent to the office of the local MPP.

Life enrichment co-ordinator Sylvia Monette says team members have been using Twitter and Facebook to connect with people. This has helped Garden Terrace receive about 700 signed campaign letters, she says, adding the home is “hoping for more.”

In 2015, Garden Terrace received 516 signatures, earning the Ottawa-area long-term care home the second-place prize in the contest’s category for homes with 133 or more beds.

After last year’s campaign, Garden Terrace was awarded a prize of $300 for its achievement. The money was donated to the home’s residents’ council. OMNI Health Care matched the prize dollar for dollar, so the home received $600.

“This year the life enrichment staff is once again trying to reach as many residents, families, visitors and staff (as possible),” Monette says. “The (life enrichment) department has been set up so that we can send letters on anyone’s behalf with their approval.”

This year’s Better Seniors’ Care campaign is focused on the need for more funding in four areas:

– Making long-term care homes safer and more modern

– Building capacity for better dementia care

– Supporting the role of smaller long-term care homes

– Staffing solutions that will lead to better seniors’ care

Monette says the No. 1 issue at Garden Terrace in this year’s campaign is the need for more funds allocated to increase staffing.

The OLTCA is Canada’s largest long-term care association representing charitable, not-for-profit, private, and municipal long-term care operators.

People can write letters online by clicking here.

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Georgina Wiman shares why she loves being a PSW


Letter to administrator outlines the impression residents have made on her

Shortly before Christmas, Garden Terrace personal support worker (PSW) Georgina Wiman was telling administrator Carolyn Della Foresta about some of the things she’s loved about her job during her nine years working at the Ottawa-area long-term care home. Della Foresta recommended Wiman write a letter outlining her thoughts, so that’s exactly what she did. Read more

Making a difference energizes Inspired Leader

Garden Terrace administrator Carolyn Della Foresta hugging one of her buddies at the long-term care home.

Garden Terrace administrator Carolyn Della Foresta hugging one of her buddies at the long-term care home.

Garden Terrace administrator will continue her inspiring leadership at Almonte Country Haven in the new year

Carolyn Della Foresta is committed to providing the leadership she does because she loves to see the ripple effect of positive results with residents as well as happy families and staff. Read more

Christmas outbreaks won’t dampen Garden Terrace staff parties this year


Kanata long-term care home hosts celebrations early

For the past three years, Garden Terrace’s Christmas staff parties have had to be pushed to January as outbreaks inevitably occur around the holiday season. Read more

Summer employment in LTC homes draws students to sector

Students enjoy connecting with residents during placements in long-term care.

Students enjoy connecting with residents through work in long-term care.

Working in LTC introduces students to a different type of nursing

One of the benefits to students working in long-term care homes is that the experience often exposes them to a type of work they knew little about and leaves them with a positive impression. Read more

Summer job at Garden Terrace inspires student to reconsider career options

Garden Terrace

Garden Terrace

Psychology student Shelby Colton says she’s now looking at working in LTC

When Shelby Colton started working her summer job in the life enrichment department at Garden Terrace a few months ago she was focused on pursuing a career as a behavioural therapist. Read more

Administrator underscores importance of bringing quality to front lines

Garden Terrace

Garden Terrace

‘You can have a culture by design or by default – either way you will have a culture’

Quality focus has been at the forefront of OMNI Health Care’s home office and home management teams, but it’s crucial that front-line staff members working in the organization’s 18 long-term care homes are also quality-focused, says Carolyn Della Foresta. Read more

Garden Terrace eliminates 28 restraints for 15 residents in 10 days

Garden Terrace

Engaging front-line staff and families fosters success

A higher-than-average number of residents with restraints prompted Garden Terrace to create a quality improvement plan which resulted in 28 restraints being eliminated from 15 residents during a recent 10-day period. Read more