VIDEO: Frost Manor becomes a water park for a day

LINDSAY, Ont. – On the sunny afternoon of Aug. 26, Frost Manor turned its backyard into a water park and gave residents a chance to go for a ride down a 50-foot water slide team members had set up. Read more

VIDEO: Frost Manor presents Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership awards

The Frost Manor team recently hosted a ceremony to honour the Lindsay, Ont. long-term care home’s 2019 Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership award recipients. Read more

Water slide brings a splash of fun and laughter to Frost Manor

Resident Dorothy Burrows takes a trip down the water slide that was set up at Frost Manor on Aug. 26.

LINDSAY, Ont. – Ninety-nine-year-old Frost Manor resident Chris Todd lies down and then steadies herself in a plastic tube fitted with two straps – one held by maintenance manager Rick Riel, the other held by life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton.

Rick and Lyndsay then run down the 50-foot length of the water slide that has been laid down behind the Lindsay long-term care home, with Chris sliding at their side. A crowd of residents and staff members cheers her on.

Chris has a big smile spread across her face.

“I enjoyed that,” she says afterward.

It was the afternoon of Aug. 26 when Frost Manor’s backyard was turned into a water park, and the residents clearly had a lot of fun.

At first, they were apprehensive about taking the plunge down the water slide. But after the first two residents volunteered to go, other residents thought it looked like fun and wanted to take a turn.

By the end of the program, about half the residents who had come outside to see the water slide had taken a turn going down its slippery path.

Lyndsay came up with the idea to have a water slide at Frost Manor after being encouraged by her friends on Facebook.

“There was a viral video of seniors going down a water slide, and a few of my friends tagged me on Facebook to say I should try this, and I’m glad we did,” she says.

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LE team’s creative energy makes days start ‘like Christmas morning’ for residents

Pictured above, Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton and life enrichment aide Amy Whitehead hold their breath while “under the sea”.

New ideas for programming and decorations are having a positive impact on Frost Manor residents

When Frost Manor residents walk into the Lindsay long-term care home’s activity and dining room at the start of the day, they’re often met with a surprise. Read more

Creativity and passion are driving Frost Manor’s ‘dream team’

Pictured above, left to right, Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton and life enrichment aide Amy Whitehead hold their breath while “under the sea”.

‘They don’t just come to work; they’re thinking about work when they’re not even here,’ LEC says of her team

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Burton characterizes her department as the “dream team”. Read more

Resident designs tennis-ball game to be played at Frost Manor

Frost Manor resident Art Ouellette is pictured here with the Art Tennis Lob, a tennis-ball game he created with the help of family member Gerry Todd.

Art Ouellette worked with family member Gerry Todd to create the Art Tennis Lob

LINDSAY, Ont. – Art Ouellette has a collection of about 300 tennis balls and the Frost Manor resident wanted to do something that would put them to good use, so he designed a game that can be enjoyed by everyone at the Lindsay long-term care home. Read more

Positive attitude, strong work ethic and creative flair are among Everyday Hero’s attributes

Frost Manor LEA Kim Williams is praised by her colleagues for the enthusiasm she brings to enhancing residents’ quality of life

Since joining the Frost Manor life enrichment team a year ago, Kim Williams has approached her job each day with a positive attitude and a genuine desire to enhance quality of life for the Lindsay long-term care home’s 62 residents, her colleagues say. Read more

Frost Manor residents embracing iPad program

Pictured left to right, Frost Manor residents Michael Lane, Dorothy Burrows, Chrystol Broom, Sharon Arsenault and Sylvia Trumbull enjoying a Tablet Time session.

Tablet Time is allowing residents to embrace technology while fulfilling social and cognitive needs

The Tablet Time program launched in March at Frost Manor is introducing residents to new technology while providing entertaining and engaging activities. Read more

Collaborative, month-long ‘under the sea’ theme has been a hit with Frost Manor residents

What started as an idea to decorate the dining/activity room with an underwater theme has taken on a life of its own

The dining and activity room at Frost Manor is now “under the sea.” Read more

Staff and families work together to revamp Frost Manor gardens

Frost Manor residents Dorothy Burrows and Grant Thurston enjoy a warm summer’s day next to the home’s new raised planter bed.

Planters with colourful flowers and a new flagpole are among the improvements

Frost Manor team members and family council have been working together since spring to complete garden projects at the Lindsay long-term care home, and the collaboration has led to some “colourful” results, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Burton. Read more