Almonte staff celebrate as COVID-19 outbreak officially ends and outdoor visits start

Almonte Country Haven staff members start clapping Tuesday morning as they learn from administrator Carolyn Della Foresta that the three-month COVID-19 outbreak at the home has now officially ended.

Administrator Carolyn Della Foresta applauded staff members for their ‘tireless efforts’ during a challenging time. She also thanked the local community for its compassion and support

It has been a challenging three months for Almonte Country Haven residents and staff members, but the COVID-19 outbreak that began in late March has officially ended. Read more

Almonte Country Haven’s dedicated, hard-working and caring staff have been key to meeting pandemic’s challenges

‘I have been humbled by their dedication, and we are indebted to their service,’ says administrator Carolyn Della Foresta

While the past 2 ½ months have been challenging for Almonte Country Haven as the Lanark County long-term care home works through a COVID-19 outbreak, the staff members from all departments have been strong pillars of support for the residents and each other, says administrator Carolyn Della Foresta. Read more

Artist Lynn Melbourne honours Almonte Country Haven residents by sketching their portraits

Peppy Mocko holds a portrait of his mother that was sketched by artist Lynn Melbourne (left).

‘She has no affiliation with the home, and the fact that she just reached out of compassion and kindness and concern, it was such a beautiful gesture’

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, Lynn Melbourne, an artist from Almonte, Ont., was inspired to sketch portraits of people living in long-term care homes. Read more

VIDEO: Almonte Country Haven couple celebrate 73rd anniversary – and their reunion

Sunday, May 24 could not have been a more perfect day for Almonte Country Haven couple Mervyn and Emily Tripp. Read more

6-year-old boy raises $300-plus to support Almonte Country Haven team during outbreak

Six-year-old Lennox Donnelly, the grandson of Garden Terrace office manager Karen Paquette, is pictured here with macramé key chains he made and sold to raise money to support the Almonte Country Haven team.

Lennox Donnelly, the grandson of Garden Terrace office manager Karen Paquette, sold homemade macramé key chains to raise the money

Garden Terrace office manager Karen Paquette is a proud grandmother who just became a little prouder. Read more

Community’s love helping Almonte Country Haven through pandemic

‘The ongoing demonstrations of support and kind words provide the fuel our team needs to continue on in our efforts to provide the excellent care and support that our little home is known for’

The cards pinned to the Almonte Country Haven bulletin board and the hand-painted signs adorning the garden tell the story of a community that’s rallying to support the residents who live at the Lanark County long-term care home and the staff members who work there during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Creative thinking ensures a safe, fun St. Patrick’s Day for Almonte residents during pandemic

Residents receive room-to-room visits from team, while one resident’s family serenaded her from the garden

While Almonte Country Haven’s annual St. Patrick’s Day party was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lanark County long-term care home’s residents were still able to safely enjoy a celebration of all things Irish, thanks to the creativity of staff and some family members. Read more

Home nurtures residents’ gardening roots

Almonte Country Haven residents recently enjoyed a picnic on the Lanark County long-term care home’s front patio. Residents got to enjoy a well-shaded lunch prepared by residents which included onions and fresh herbs
from the home’s gardens.

Almonte Country Haven gardens boast flowers, herbs, vegetables

Whether plucking a carrot from the garden or enjoying the colourful sight of flowers at their peak, the gardens at Almonte Country Haven offer plenty for residents and staff alike. Read more

Summer days of barbecues, ice cream a hit at Almonte Country Haven

Freda, an Almonte Country Haven resident, is pictured here enjoying an ice cream cone on the patio of the Lanark County long-term care home.

Residents enjoying the great outdoors: LEC

From enjoying ice cream on the patio to watching kids ride their bicycles, residents are embracing all-things summer at Almonte Country Haven. Read more

VIDEO: A look at how Almonte Country Haven prepares from-scratch cooking for residents

Preparing nearly every menu item from scratch is what Almonte Country Haven’s residents expect from the Lanark County long-term care home’s nutritional care team, so that’s what they get each and every day. Read more