Casey, Village Green’s favourite feline, passes away

Casey, a cat who has lived at Village Green for many years, is pictured here with Brianna MacPherson, the daughter of Village Green maintenance manager Brian MacPherson, in this photo taken in 2004.

Administrator Linda Pierce remembers Casey as a valuable member of the home’s palliative care team

Village Green recently lost a special team member who also lived at the Greater Napanee long-term care home for many years.

Casey the cat lived most of his long life at Village Green. However, he was getting on in years and his health was in decline. On March 8, he peacefully passed away at the age of 20.

Casey loved wandering around Village Green and spending time with residents, staff members and visitors, but he also played an important role in assisting the home’s palliative care team for many years.

Village Green administrator Linda Pierce says Casey had a gift for sensing when someone was going through the end-of-life stage and helped many residents through that journey.

“He had this inner sense,” Linda says of Casey. “When a resident was palliative, Casey would go and sit on their bed and provide them comfort. He instinctively knew where to go. He had an inner radar of knowing when somebody needed him.”

Casey moved into Village Green in 2002 at the request of the life enrichment team. He was an affectionate feline who was much loved by residents and staff members, Linda says.

Linda recalls how Casey was also a great communicator. His food dish and water bowl sat near the laundry room, and if he didn’t think there was a large enough portion for dinner, he would not hesitate to start meowing, she says.

“He would talk to you and make you know that he either wanted something to drink or something to eat,” Linda says.

Casey was such an important part of Village Green that residents requested his urn be interred in the home’s back garden, so the team is making arrangements to do that, Linda says.

“We are going to have a little service for him,” she says. “He was such a good cat.”

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