Careful planning, keeping things simple can create happy travels for people with dementia

Alzheimer Society offers suggestions to help families create enjoyable holidays for loved ones with cognitive impairment

Summer is now in full swing, and for many people, this is a time to take a family holiday. But what if one of your loved ones travelling with you has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, people travelling with a person living with cognitive impairment can ensure everyone has enjoyable trip if they plan holidays carefully and make a few adjustments to accommodate the person.


On its website, the Alzheimer Society underscores the importance of careful planning when taking a holiday with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia.

For starters, the society recommends giving the person a copy of the itinerary so they know what to expect. The society also recommends letting family members know about the person’s condition and any changes they’ve experienced since their last visit.

It is also important, the Alzheimer Society says, for families to learn as much as they can about the places they’re visiting. This will help people know what they’ll need to bring to accommodate their loved one with cognitive impairment.

Make things easy

If possible, the Alzheimer Society recommends families travelling with a person living with cognitive impairment to stick to routines as much as they can. Ideally, the society suggests families plan for short driving days, if travelling by car; if travelling by plane, direct flights are recommended whenever possible.

Families may wish to bring photographs and other items of interest to help pass the time for the person.

Other recommendations

Experts also advise families travelling with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia to carry documentation listing the person’s medications and emergency contact information as well as the telephone number of their physician or long-term care home.

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