Who Pays for What

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care sets daily and monthly rates for all types of accommodations annually. You will be advised in writing should any rate changes occur.

Pay your bills the hassle-free way with our Pre-authorized Payment Plan. Statements are issued prior to the deduction from your account outlining expenses incurred for the month. Payment is due and payable on the 1st of each month.

Financial Assistance and Eligibility

No Person in need of long-term care will go without it. In the event that a resident has insufficient income to cover the standard cost for a ward bed, a rate reduction may be requested upon presentation of documentary proof of income. The details of this program are available at the home should you require them. There is no reduction of rates available for those residents residing in semi-private or private rooms.

Government Financial Assistance Programs

The government offers financial assistance programs to citizens aged 60 years and over. For more information please contact:

Ontario Ministry of Finance Information Centre, (905) 433-6097,
Tax Credits and Grants Branch (905) 433-6941 or 1-800-263-7965 or write to:
Ministry of Finance
2nd Floor, 33 King Street
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 8H5

Resident Trust Accounts

Residents (or their families) are encouraged to undertake and be responsible for their financial affairs. However, when this is not feasible residents have the right to request that a trust account be opened in their name, and their deposits and disbursements be made through this account. When this request is made:

  1. The home will establish and maintain an account in a chartered bank or trust company.
  2. Resident cheques will be deposited to the trust account. Payment will be made from the trust account. Any other financial obligations of the resident, after approval by the resident, will also be paid from the trust account.
  3. A quarterly statement will be provided to each resident for whom a trust account is maintained.