What to Expect

Additional Services

Physiotherapy – Where available, physiotherapy services will be provided to residents who have been assessed by their Physicians to require this service.

Foot Care Services – Care by a specially trained nurse is provided to our residents on a fee for service basis.

Dentist – Arrangements may be made for dental visits through the Charge Nurse when necessary. We recommend an annual examination by a Dentist for all residents.

Denturist – Arrangements to have dentures made, relined, or adjusted may be made through the Charge Nurse or by contacting a Denturist of your choice. Most Denturists will provide services in the long term care home. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the resident.

Optometry – Care by a Registered Optometrist is arranged for any resident requiring care.

Audiology – Care by a Registered Audiologist is arranged when requested.

Medications/Treatments – are prescribed by the doctor and are administered by the nursing staff. No medication of any kind may be brought to the resident or left in the resident’s room. Not all medications/treatments are covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB) or the Government Pharmacy. There may be a charge for drugs not covered.

Alcoholic Beverages – Many residents may wish to continue to consume alcoholic beverages. The home will attempt to accomodate this choice. Alcoholic beverages may be allowed with a Physician’s written order. All spirits will be kept in the medication room for resident’s safety and dispensed by the nurse. Discretionary consumption of alcohol is not usually permitted. Family is required to provide alcohol if requested by the resident and approved by the Physician. This policy is important for ensuring that the mixing of alcohol with medications does not produce a severe reaction.

Pastoral Services – are coordinated and monitored through the Pastoral Services Committee. The Committee strives to meet the spiritual needs of all residents. Participation in spiritual programs is at all times voluntary. Interdenominational services are held. As well, pastoral visitors are available to conduct an individual Pastoral Care program. For more details or special requests please contact the Life Enrichment Coordinator/Pastoral Care Coordinator.