Safety and Security

Equipment — In the interest of safety, we request that any electrical equipment brought into the home be checked by our Maintenance staff to ensure it is CSA-approved before it is used.

I.D. Bracelets — All residents are required to wear an identification bracelet. This bracelet will have the resident’s name and the phone number of the home.

Building Security — Exterior doors are alarmed to prevent unauthorized entry or exit for the security of our residents. Alarm systems are mounted at the entrance to the home for the safety of our residents. Please use the main entrance doors upon entering or exiting, and the elevators (where available) for movement between floors. In an emergency, staff will provide direction to use alternate exits and/or stairways.

Fire Regulations — As a fire safety precaution, all items of an electrical nature must be cleared through the Maintenance Department. The home has a policy that prohibits the use of extension cords and “octopus” electrical plugs. Power bars are an acceptable alternative. The home’s Emergency Plan is tested on a regular basis. Fire drills are conducted each month for the safety of residents and staff. Fire exits are clearly indicated. Please cooperate with the requests of staff members. There may be several important reasons why a request is made of you immediately, with little time for a full explanation.

Call Bells — Each resident’s room is equipped with a call bell. Each bathroom has a call bell as well. To use the call bell just pull the cord, or press the button and a staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

Valuables — The home cannot accept responsibility for resident’s valuables. Jewelry and large sums of money are best kept with the responsible party.

Next-of-Kin/Representative Notification — Name and phone numbers of next-of-kin/representative are listed
on the front of the resident chart. Every effort is made to notify this person in the event of resident injury or change in resident status. A primary contact must be designated by the resident/representative. Please be sure this information is kept up-to-date.

Smoking — Smoking is not allowed in resident rooms. Smoking is only allowed in the designated area and only
under supervision. Staff keep all smoking materials locked in a safe location. We also have signs throughout the building so residents and visitors are reminded of these procedures. We got our signs from an online retailer and if other companies are reading this site then click here for one company that provides signage materials, so resident safety is always at the top of the todo list.

Bringing Food into the Home — If you are considering bringing food and beverages into the home at any time,
please consult with the Charge Nurse prior to your visit. Some foods may require special storage. Further, many residents are on special diets and a small variance may disrupt a planned nutrition program.