At OMNI, our vision is to demonstrate what is possible with knowledge, love, support and understanding

Life Enrichment Programs

At each OMNI home, programs are tailored to meet the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of residents. We attract highly skilled Life Enrichment staff who reflect OMNI values, and provide support and training, so that our staff demonstrate the possible every day to our residents and family members. By actively listening, sharing ideas with others, and working as a team, we introduce programs that help each resident live to their full potential.

Residents also benefit from therapy services provided through OMNI Life Enrichment Programs by Physiotherapists, Registered Dietitians, Social Workers and other health professionals. Therapeutic programs such as our Supportive Measures program for residents dealing with Alzheimer’s and related dementia, and the OMNI Falls Prevention Program, build upon education and training and the use of assessment tools and programs to strengthen the focus of our work with individuals and groups.

life-enrichment-programs-brWe value fun and laughter, and our programs also place emphasis on the brighter side of life, involving residents in community outings, music, special celebrations and activities. Technology plays a role in our activities too, from the introduction of active game technology to advanced mobility aids designed to help residents to participate in games and activities they would otherwise not have access to.