Diet and Nutrition

Nutritional Care Services

Meal times are often the highlight of our day, no matter where we live. At OMNI, it is our goal to give each resident a pleasurable dining experience. Residents are offered a visual choice of each meal, so that everyone has the opportunity to choose their meals with confidence, knowing what will be delivered. Residents are encouraged to participate in Resident’s Council and/or Food Committee meetings to provide feedback on meals and recommendations for bi-weekly resident’s choice meals. Prior to the beginning of each new seasonal menu cycle, each home hosts a resident Taste Panel during which samples of the new menu items are prepared for residents to taste and provide feedback before the new menu is completed. We also recognize that there are preferences that have been practiced for many years before a resident comes to live in one of our homes. For this reason, we will also do our best to accommodate special requests and preferences.

Registered Dietitian Services

The Registered Dietitian provides clinical nutrition services to our residents. A key member of the multidisciplinary team, the RD assesses each resident and establishes the level of nutritional risk. Once established, the RD develops appropriate nutritional care goals and an individualized nutritional care plan for each resident.

The Registered Dietitian is also responsible for:

  • Collaborating with residents and their families to ensure that individualized nutrition interventions are planned and consistently implemented & evaluated
  • Continuously monitoring laboratory data and food and fluid intake records to identify the need for further assessment and revision of the nutritional care plan
  • Providing advice and direction on the interpretation of Regular, Modified & Therapeutic diets and Supplemental feedings, including making recommendations to physicians for diet orders
  • The review and approval of home or resident specific changes or revisions to the core menu
  • Collaboration with the Nutritional Care Coordinator to develop and implement policies and procedures related to Nutritional Care