Burnbrae chef marrying his passion for international food with passion for enhancing mealtime quality

Pictured above, Burnbrae Gardens nutritional care manager Corey Grant.

Corey Grant is working with residents to enhance mealtime experiences

CAMPBELLFORD, Ont. – Burnbrae Gardens nutritional services manager (NCM) Corey Grant has been a chef for almost 20 years. He’s trained in classical French cuisine and his interests are in international foods.

And he’s bringing his know-how to Burnbrae Gardens residents.

Corey is working to marry his interest in international cuisine with his passion for enhancing the quality of meal services at the Campbellford long-term care home. He has discussed his ideas with residents and they are on board.

Corey, who is two months into his role as NCM, says his favourite international meals are classical “peasant foods” – meals made with easy-to-find, nutritional, inexpensive ingredients – from around the world. Peasant foods have become a popular culinary trend, he adds.

One of Corey’s goals in his new position is to incorporate many of these rustic, flavourful meals into the food planning at Burnbrae Gardens.

Corey has also spoken with residents about his idea to bring more international food to meal services, and the concept has been well-received, he says. So, residents can look forward to more international cuisine that might include Greek, Chinese and Indian.

And Corey wants to create an atmosphere to complement the food.

“I also want to bring music into it as well and try to create that (international) setting,” he says.

Corey originally moved from Toronto to the Campbellford area to start a permaculture farm. Permaculture is an agricultural system centred on the concept of bringing food production closer to consumers.

This ensures freshness of ingredients.

Having close proximity to fresh food is important for maintaining high-quality standards, Corey says, so he wants to give residents meals created with the freshest possible ingredients.

“One of the things I am working on is trying to get as much freshness to the food as possible – with limited time, that can be challenging, but I like the challenge,” he says.

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