Bonnie Windover, OMNI’s longest-serving employee, retires after 41 years

Bonnie Windover, who served Springdale Country Manor residents for 41 years, retired May 31. Bonnie is seen here during the celebration her colleagues at the Peterborough-area long-term care home hosted in her honour.

Springdale Country Manor honours longtime nurses’ aide on her last day on the job

SPRINGVILLE, Ont. – After 41 years serving Springdale Country Manor residents, nurses’ aide Bonnie Windover, OMNI Health Care’s most senior staff member, has retired.

OMNI chief operating officer Shawn Riel remembers working side by side with Bonnie at the Peterborough-area long-term care home when she started her career with OMNI 39 years ago. In fact, Bonnie trained Shawn when she started working as a nurses’ aide in 1979.

“Bonnie was always a really good care provider; she was always kind, supportive, caring, and she was always good to the residents,” Shawn tells The OMNIway.

Shawn adds that what stands out for her about Bonnie was how she did an excellent job caring for residents but always chose to stay out of the limelight and eschewed recognition for the work she did.

“That was always kind of a special attribute (Bonnie had),” Shawn says. “She was always quiet and unassuming, but a very good care provider. An excellent care provider.”

Shawn recalls how working on the floor when she and Bonnie first started at Springdale Country Manor was very different from today. Aside from providing resident care, nurses’ aides helped cook and serve meals, assisted with housekeeping duties and even organized some activities.

On May 31, Springdale Country Manor hosted a retirement celebration for Bonnie on her last day on the job. Colleagues she had worked with over the span of four decades spoke with affection about Bonnie’s dedication to residents and her co-workers. Bonnie also received a variety of gifts from her colleagues.

“I love you all, and from the bottom of my heart, I’m going to miss you dearly,” Bonnie said, as she addressed the room full of her co-workers, residents and friends. “But I will stay in touch, and I will come and visit. I promise.”

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