Bonnie Loney’s heart of gold deeply appreciated at Woodland Villa


‘The residents and their families hate the summer when she is gone’

While she was on vacation this summer, Bonnie Loney texted her colleague, Kim Lama, at Woodland Villa where they work. Loney, a personal support worker (PSW), was concerned about the health of one of the residents at the long-term care home.

“The resident hadn’t been doing well before Bonnie left on vacation, so she wanted to check in on her,” Lama, the OMNI Health Care home’s nursing administrative services manager, says.

Lama shares this story as an example of Loney’s care and commitment to the residents and their families.

“Bonnie is amazing. She treats the residents with the utmost respect,” Lama adds. “Even on her down time, after (her shift) is finished in the afternoon, she will go and sit on the couch with the residents and talk with them.

“She’s got a heart of gold.”

Both Lama and administrator Michael Rasenberg highlight the deep appreciation that residents and families hold for Loney.

“The residents and the families all love her. They hate the summer when she is gone (on vacation),” Lama says.

“It’s almost like they’ve all become family,” Rasenberg says.

Loney uses laughter as a great means of communicating and keeping things fun, the administrator adds.

Over the years, Loney has been thanked in published notices for her love and care after a resident has passed away. One letter from a family thanked Loney for treating their loved one like a sister. “Your level of care allowed peace of mind for the rest of the family,” the letter states.

Loney was nominated by colleagues to receive the 2016 OMNI Health Care Everyday Hero award for Woodland Villa.

The Everyday Hero award is given out annually by each of OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes to recognize staff members who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to residents and co-workers.

Everyday Hero and Inspired Leader award recipients were announced at OMNI’s managers’ forum in Kingston in May. Since then, homes have been hosting their own award ceremonies to honour award recipients.

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