Best friends of 76 years are united at Pleasant Meadow Manor

United: Mary Elliott (left) and Hazel Savary (right) have been close friends for nearly 76 years. Today, they are both living at Pleasant Meadow Manor.

Hazel Savary and Mary Elliott have been friends since they met in 1942. Now they’re both living at the Norwood long-term care home

NORWOOD, Ont. – Hazel Savary and Mary Elliott remember the day they met – May 22, 1942. On that day, the two were in the maternity ward at Toronto East General Hospital, their beds next to each other.

Hazel had delivered her daughter that day; Mary would give birth four days later, on May 26, 1942.

“I remember the day well,” Hazel, now 97, says with a big smile. She sits next to her best friend, Mary, in the activity room at Pleasant Meadow Manor.

“You have a better memory than me,” Mary says, laughing hard.

Throughout the next seven decades, the ladies remained friends. When Mary moved into Pleasant Meadow Manor a few years back, Hazel would come to the Norwood long-term care home to visit her.

Today, Hazel does not have to travel far to visit her friend. She moved into Pleasant Meadow Manor a little more than two weeks ago, and it’s an arrangement she’s more than happy with, she says.

The ladies note that their close friendship also spawned another friendship. Hazel’s son, Austin, and Mary’s son, Jim, are also good friends.

While Hazel and Mary say they share many things in common, they joke that participating in activities together at Pleasant Meadow Manor is not one of them.

“I go to most of the activities, but she doesn’t like to go to the activities,” Hazel chuckles, as she points at Mary.

Mary says it’s not that she doesn’t like the activities the home offers, it’s just that she’s happy to entertain herself with her “own thoughts.”

One of the great things about long-term care homes is that they are a venue that can unite old friends, as is the case with Hazel and Mary, says Pleasant Meadow Manor office manager Sylvia Sanders.

“When Mary was first living here, Hazel’s son brought her here to visit her,” Sylvia says. “But then Hazel decided this is where she wanted to be.”

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