Baking season returns to the Willows

Residents bake 5 apple pies for recent tea social

At Willows Estate, autumn is baking season, says life enrichment aide (LEA) Azaria Kanda.

“As the weather cools, the leaves turn yellow, red and fall, it’s the perfect time to bake all the good old homemade pies and cakes to warm our hearts,” he tells The OMNIway.

With LEA Rosalie Patchell supervising, a group of residents at the Aurora, Ont. long-term care home were recently busy preparing and baking five apple pies that were served during a tea social on Oct. 18.

Aside from the residents’ work resulting in delicious apple pies for everyone to enjoy, baking also brought back many fond memories for the residents, Azaria says.

“These ladies, along with Rosalie, were socializing while reminiscing about their own former baking hobbies, family gatherings and much more,” he says.

“It is such a delight to watch these ladies fully immersed in this activity, for we know how much this has a positive effect on people. You can feel the exhilaration and pure joy as one is in charged of peeling the apples, while one is working on the dough and the other is helping set up the trays in preparation for the baking.”

Azaria adds that activities like this also bring back a valuable sense of accomplishment for residents, who know the fruits of their labour were enjoyed by many.

“No matter how old you are or where you sit in life, you want to feel like you are making a contribution to society or even a small living circle,” he says.

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