Art session picture-perfect for residents

Brighton home hosts paint night experience

Residents put their brushes to canvas during a recent paint night experience at Maplewood.

The art session made an impression on of the Brighton long-term care home.

Lynanne Campbell, life enrichment aide (LEA) at Maplewood, says the evening was a picture-perfect success.

“There was laughter, jokes and humour,” Lynanne says. “For one-and-a-half hours, it was a fun, good time.”

The idea for hosting paint night was the brainchild of LEA Rosanne Blackburn. A staff member has a family member who’s an artist and the painter agreed to run the session for the residents after being asked.

Six seniors took part, with five choosing to paint. As typical with paint nights, each person painted a particular scene.

In this case, participants created a landscape-type painting featuring a setting sun behind a tree.

“They’re all proud of their pieces,” Lynanne says.

The artists chose to hang all of the finished pieces in the Montessori room at the long-term care home so they could be viewed and appreciated by many.

Lynanne initially whet residents’ creativity by introducing them to famous painter and teacher Bob Ross. They watched Bob on TV and painted along with him.

The paint night with the artist followed.

The event was such a hit residents are already requesting an encore.

Maplewood hopes to host another paint night in the near future. For the next session, staff members will be invited to participate and will each choose a resident who would also enjoy the experience. Wine and cheese will be served in addition to the fun and laughter anticipated.

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