Art program instilling a sense of creative pride in Village Green residents

Village Green residents are seen here painting away in the home’s Art with Martha program, which is overseen by volunteer Martha de Bruyn.

Residents will soon see their paintings adorning the halls

An art program at Village Green has instilled a sense of creative pride among residents at the Greater Napanee long-term care home, while encouraging people to try their hand at something new.

The Art with Martha program, which is led by volunteer Martha de Bruyn, has encouraged several residents to start painting with watercolours. Other residents have rekindled their interest in painting since starting the program.

Favourite subjects to paint include summer scenes and flowers, says life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Karen Coulter.

Soon, residents’ completed artwork will be displayed at the home, she adds.

“The residents are really engaged with the painting, and we’re going to be putting their paintings up on the walls,” Karen tells The OMNIway, adding that this is something residents are looking forward to seeing.

“The residents, when they’re painting, really have a sense of pride in what they have done.”

Residents are not just painting on canvases. They have also painted eight of the patio stones in the home’s courtyard as part of the program.

The LEC says the goal of the program is to encourage residents who do not have experience painting to try something new. The program also provides a creative outlet for those residents who have long enjoyed art.

Karen is commending the hard work Martha has put into the program.

“She has so much patience with the residents and does a great job directing them and helping them be creative, and the residents are just so proud of what they have done,” she says.

“And Martha also teaches residents to have a sense of pride and motivation to accomplish something.”

Martha oversees the program two to four times per month. There are consistently six to eight residents attending the program each session, Karen says.

The program has also instilled a sense of teamwork in some residents, Karen says.

“A couple of residents will sometimes work on the same painting,” she says.

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