Annual OMNI Leadership Forum to focus on quality


Event to feature peer learning on quality, tour to Old Fort Henry Discovery Centre

This year’s OMNI Health Care Leadership Forum will include a strong focus on quality, beginning with a keynote presentation on cultivating a culture of quality by president and CEO Patrick McCarthy.

There will also be plenty of opportunity for peer learning about quality as teams of leaders from across the organization’s 18 long-term care homes share their learnings and experiences with creating a culture of quality. A group exercise will also bring a fun-and-games tone to learning about this important topic.

Related topics to be explored at the forum include:
–    Resident incident investigations
–    Non-violent confrontation management
–    Legislation and Regulation Review
–    Safety First
–    Leadership and management

As in past years, the forum will include time for celebration through an OMNI awards night titled All That Glitters and a tour to the Old Fort Henry Discovery Centre.

It will wind up with communities of practice meetings for all disciplines.

Last year’s forum brought together 136 team leaders. Highlights of that event included showcasing the result of the OMNI Video Challenge and a cruise along the St. Lawrence River.

The 2016 forum kicks off today, May 17 in Kingston, winding up around noon on May 19.

Watch for stories and videos from the OMNIway about the forum next week. You can follow the latest news from the forum on Twitter using the #OMNIforum2016 hashtag.

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