Administrator’s pet dog putting smiles on Village Green residents’ faces

Village Green residents Dorothy Kennedy and Win Flieler play with Sadie, a Shih Tzu owned by administrator Linda Pierce. Sadie visits residents every week.

Linda Pierce says Sadie, her Shih Tzu –Maltese pup, is connecting with residents

Sadie, an 11-month-old Shih Tzu -Maltese, is making quite the impact on Village Green residents when administrator Linda Pierce brings her to the Greater Napanee long-term care home.

Linda has been bringing her dogs to Village Green for 18 years, and her pets have always brought a lot of joy to residents, she says.

Linda brings Sadie to Village Green about once or twice a week to spend time with residents. Before Sadie, Linda brought her Shih Tzu, Susie, to the home for visits.

“She (Sadie) has been a very well-received by the residents; they are enjoying their time with Sadie,” Linda says.

“It has been great – the residents connect with her and they have fun with her, and she has some favourites.”

Linda notes there’s one resident in particular who Sadie enjoys snuggling with, and she will often go looking for the resident.

Animals are important to the folks living at Village Green, Linda says. In addition to visits from Sadie, the home also has had a cat, Casey, living at Village Green for 17 years.

“In my opinion, any kind of pet therapy is always a good thing for long-term care homes to embrace; pets like to snuggle and they like to warm up to the residents – there’s no judgement, just a loyalty and a love that’s pretty unique,” Linda says.

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