Willows Estate activities different ‘but the spirit remains’

LEA says more one-to-one time at Aurora long-term care home

As the life enrichment aide (LEA) settles residents in for a movie and popcorn, he spends one-on-one time with another person on the floor where he works at Willows Estate. Read more

Maplewood uses PA system to spread cheer

Home makes daily announcements, shares jokes

Maplewood is using its PA system to give residents a smile during the global pandemic restrictions that have those who live there isolated in their rooms. Read more

Woodland team’s creativity leads to innovative way for residents and families to safely visit

A new safety barrier attached to the home’s patio also allows everyone to enjoy outdoor visits while maintaining important protocols

With warmer, sunnier weather on the horizon, the Woodland Villa team came up with an idea to help residents enjoy outdoor visits with family members while adhering to important physical distancing protocols that are in place to keep everyone safe during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Read more