VIDEO: Frost Manor presents Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership awards

The Frost Manor team recently hosted a ceremony to honour the Lindsay, Ont. long-term care home’s 2019 Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership award recipients. Read more

Water slide brings a splash of fun and laughter to Frost Manor

Resident Dorothy Burrows takes a trip down the water slide that was set up at Frost Manor on Aug. 26.

LINDSAY, Ont. – Ninety-nine-year-old Frost Manor resident Chris Todd lies down and then steadies herself in a plastic tube fitted with two straps – one held by maintenance manager Rick Riel, the other held by life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton.

Rick and Lyndsay then run down the 50-foot length of the water slide that has been laid down behind the Lindsay long-term care home, with Chris sliding at their side. A crowd of residents and staff members cheers her on.

Chris has a big smile spread across her face.

“I enjoyed that,” she says afterward.

It was the afternoon of Aug. 26 when Frost Manor’s backyard was turned into a water park, and the residents clearly had a lot of fun.

At first, they were apprehensive about taking the plunge down the water slide. But after the first two residents volunteered to go, other residents thought it looked like fun and wanted to take a turn.

By the end of the program, about half the residents who had come outside to see the water slide had taken a turn going down its slippery path.

Lyndsay came up with the idea to have a water slide at Frost Manor after being encouraged by her friends on Facebook.

“There was a viral video of seniors going down a water slide, and a few of my friends tagged me on Facebook to say I should try this, and I’m glad we did,” she says.

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Springdale’s courtyard becomes a zoo, much to residents’ delight

Springdale Country Manor resident Lloyd Plumley enjoys a visit from some furry friends.

Holding and petting animals brought back fond memories for many

SPRINGVILLE, Ont. – The Springdale Country Manor courtyard was literally a zoo on Aug. 23, as lambs, goats, rabbits, a potbellied pig, a pony and a variety of chickens and birds filled the Peterborough County long-term care home’s enclosed garden. Read more

Author reads to residents at Willows Estate

Resident shares her poems of love, courage with peers

The butterflies in Enid Maize’s stomach faded when she received a resounding round of applause. Read more

LE team’s creative energy makes days start ‘like Christmas morning’ for residents

Pictured above, Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton and life enrichment aide Amy Whitehead hold their breath while “under the sea”.

New ideas for programming and decorations are having a positive impact on Frost Manor residents

When Frost Manor residents walk into the Lindsay long-term care home’s activity and dining room at the start of the day, they’re often met with a surprise. Read more

Lots of ‘oh wow’ moments during Country Terrace zoo trip

Country Terrace resident Peter Mulcair feeds a goat during a recent visit to Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo.

Residents especially enjoyed interacting with animals during outing to Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo

A group of 15 residents and staff members got to see a variety of animals, from lions and bears to potbellied pigs, during an Aug. 15 outing to Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo in Morpeth, Ont. Read more

Creativity and passion are driving Frost Manor’s ‘dream team’

Pictured above, left to right, Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Lyndsay Burton and life enrichment aide Amy Whitehead hold their breath while “under the sea”.

‘They don’t just come to work; they’re thinking about work when they’re not even here,’ LEC says of her team

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Lyndsay Burton characterizes her department as the “dream team”. Read more

Study shows music and dancing enhances quality of life for people with dementia

Life enrichment departments in OMNI Health Care long-term care homes have a long history of promoting music and dance programs, and new research is showing that toe-tapping to tunes is more than just fun – it also plays an important role in enhancing quality of life for people living with dementia.

Many people enjoy music and dancing throughout their lives, and people living with cognitive impairment show improvement on specific quality indicators when exposed to music and dance, according to the research.

During a period of 10 weekly sessions involving 22 participants, researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand found that people with dementia experienced spikes in their sense of humour, imagination and intuition when played familiar music they could dance to after the sixth session.

The purpose of the study was to improve quality of life for people living with dementia using music and dancing to trigger memories and provide social engagement.

The findings, which were published in the July 2019 edition of the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias, “reversed the stereotypical understanding of this group of people being passive and immobile,” says lead researcher Ting Choo, in a statement on the University of Otago website.

“They responded to the music greatly and showed enthusiasm in moving to the music regardless of their physical limitation,” Choo says. “Positive responses such as memory recalling, spontaneous dancing and joking with each other were observed in every session.”

You can read more about this study by clicking here.

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When the beach called, Country Terrace answered

12 residents enjoy a summer day in Port Stanley

Is there a better way to spend a warm summer day than on a beach?

A dozen Country Terrace residents didn’t think so when they headed 45 kilometres south of the Komoka long-term care home July 25 to relax on the sand and in the water at Port Stanley’s beach. Read more

Resident designs tennis-ball game to be played at Frost Manor

Frost Manor resident Art Ouellette is pictured here with the Art Tennis Lob, a tennis-ball game he created with the help of family member Gerry Todd.

Art Ouellette worked with family member Gerry Todd to create the Art Tennis Lob

LINDSAY, Ont. – Art Ouellette has a collection of about 300 tennis balls and the Frost Manor resident wanted to do something that would put them to good use, so he designed a game that can be enjoyed by everyone at the Lindsay long-term care home. Read more