2019 Nutrition Month campaign focusing on unlocking food’s potential

Dietitians of Canada offering toolkit to help spread information about healthy food choices

Food is essential for nourishment but it also does much more for us. That’s the key message behind this year’s Nutrition Month, which is acknowledged across Canada throughout March.

This year’s campaign, which is organized by Dietitians of Canada, is focused on unlocking the potential of food in five key areas.

– Food’s potential to fuel
– Food’s potential to discover
– Food’s potential to prevent diseases
– Food’s potential to heal
– Food’s potential to bring people together

“As a dietitian, I help guide my patients and clients as they navigate a life-long journey with food; from childhood through adulthood when they are healthy and when they are ill,” says Adrianna Smallwood, dietitian and Nutrition Month spokesperson, in a press release.

“Food has the potential to enhance lives and improve health, and as dietitians, our goal is to help you unlock that potential.”

There are several ways long-term care homes can help promote Nutrition Month and explore the potential food offers with others. Providing healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, to residents and staff members is one way. Encouraging people to drink more water and keep hydrated is also important. To spread awareness of Nutrition Month, long-term care homes and other health-care providers can access the campaign’s website for ideas.

Dietitians of Canada has created a toolkit for the 2019 campaign to help organizations, including long-term care homes and other health-care centres, become involved. Click here to access the toolkit.

You can look out for the hashtag #NutritionMonth on social media to learn the latest news on this year’s campaign.

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