Carol Leadbetter receives Maplewood’s first annual Outstanding Volunteer award


‘Maplewood feels being at home’

Volunteer Carol Leadbetter was presented with Maplewood’s first annual Outstanding Volunteer award during the Brighton long-term care home’s April 13 volunteer appreciation tea. Read more

Volunteer-led program at West Lake Terrace jumps from 5 to 25 participants

A photo of the Wednesday afternoon program hosted by volunteer and family member Bob Scrivens.

A photo of the Wednesday afternoon program hosted by volunteer and family member Bob Scrivens.

Residents drawn to afternoon opportunity to interact, discuss Scriptures

A Wednesday afternoon opportunity for residents at West Lake Terrace to interact and discuss the Scriptures has seen a jump in the number of participants over the last few months. From an original small group of five people, the program now draws around 25 residents. Read more

Editorial: Increased BSO funding a positive step forward for LTC


The province’s commitment in its 2016-17 budget to providing an additional $10 million of Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) funding annually for the next three years is a step in the right direction to improving the lives of seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Read more

Enhancing quality of life through BSO is a group effort at Village Green

Village Green

Village Green

BSO team, front-line staff and outside resources all play a role

Implementing Behavioural Support Ontario (BSO) interventions to curb agitation for residents affected by cognitive impairment is a team effort at Village Green, says Judy Huyck. Read more

Evidenced-based toolkit aims to ease ER transfers for people with dementia


New checklists are the result of collaboration between Alzheimer Society and University of Alberta

Transferring to a hospital emergency room can be traumatic for a person with dementia. The Alzheimer Society of Canada has recently created a toolkit to try to make this process less stressful.

The toolkit, which includes checklists and forms, is the result of collaboration between the Alzheimer Society and University of Alberta nursing professors Belinda Parke and Kathleen Hunter. The checklists and forms were developed using feedback from people living with dementia who have had a recent emergency-room experience and emergency-room staff.

The researchers who created the toolkit wanted to understand what the experience was like, what obstacles were present and what would have helped ease the situation. The researchers’ findings are the toolkit’s foundation.

The checklists cover three areas: going to hospital, being in hospital and going home from hospital. Information about the person as well as their contacts, medications, wishes, personal belongings and going-home plan are included.

The toolkit can be used by staff members in long-term care homes as well as by people caring for a person with dementia at home.

“Going to the emergency room is difficult for anyone, (but) when a person has dementia, that difficulty is magnified because of their inability to understand what is going on in their environment,” Mary Schulz, the Alzheimer Society’s education director, tells The OMNIway.

“They are in a strange, noisy place, surrounded by people they don’t know, and their routine is thrown off, so it’s a place where people with dementia are most likely not going to do very well.”

Having these checklists readily available is important for caregivers of people with dementia because a hospital visit can be unexpected. The best way to ease the transition to an emergency department for a person with dementia is to be prepared, Schulz says.

“(If people are not prepared) the treatment may be inappropriate, it may be, at best, uncomfortable, and may be so disorienting that the person with dementia loses some of the abilities that they have,” she adds.

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A physiotherapist’s question and Pam Brooks’ determination lead to 131-lb weight loss

Pam Books before and after her 131-lb weight loss.

Country Terrace resident Pam Brooks before and after her 131-lb weight loss.

Country Terrace resident no longer classified diabetic, regains much of her mobility and independence

When Pam Brooks moved to Country Terrace four years ago she was at one of the lowest points she’d ever been in her life.
Her husband of 38 years, her high-school sweetheart, had passed away three years before. They had started dating when she was 13. They were married when she was 18. Read more

Despite the snow, spring plans are blooming bright at Wildwood Care Centre


Residents making birdfeeders, anticipating weekly campfires and outings

Though snow may be falling this week, the life enrichment department at Wildwood Care Centre in St. Mary’s is determinedly thinking spring.
Read more

April 5 designated Family Caregiver Day


Alzheimer Society of Canada highlights resources for caregivers

Yesterday, April 5, was designated National Family Caregiver Day. The first Tuesday of every April is held to honour and celebrate the approximately 8.1 million family caregivers in Canada who care for loved ones in need. Read more

BSO knowledge sharing attributed to low resident agitation at Pleasant Meadow


‘When we find something that works, we just make sure that it keeps getting passed on’

When Pleasant Meadow Manor staff members attend Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) educational sessions they always return with knowledge they can bring back to their colleagues, says Chris Garden. Read more

Lindsay church ensures area LTC homes have access to Easter service


Frost Manor LEC Vi O’Leary commends St. Paul’s Anglican Church for community support

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Vi O’Leary is commending St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Lindsay for once again supporting area long-term care homes by hosting a wheelchair-accessible Easter service on March 30. Read more