Woodland Villa delivers tai chi, yoga programming for first time

Residents’ council requested these programs and staff followed through

When members of Woodland Villa’s residents’ council asked the life enrichment department to include tai chi and yoga classes on the programming calendar, the team complied.

So now, tai chi and yoga programming is being led each week by the life enrichment team at the Cornwall-area long-term care home. Both yoga and tai chi, a slow-moving martial art, are beneficial in preserving strength, balance and flexibility.

Woodland Villa has seen an increase in active residents recently and the tai chi and yoga programming have become hits with them, says life enrichment co-ordinator Lisa Doran.

The life enrichment department has purchased tai chi and yoga DVDs that staff members use to lead the program, she adds.

Lisa says the residents needed programming with more stimulation and these and other programs are helping to meet their activation needs.

The life enrichment team also recently bought an Octaband for programming. An Octaband is a brightly coloured piece of fabric that resembles a parachute. It has eight “arms” for people to hold and is typically used for stretching exercises that can be done in groups.

Woodland Villa has also been including more music, painting and reading programs to meet residents’ needs, and the life enrichment department recently started a group TV bingo activity as well, Lisa notes.

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