Village Green family and friends BBQ builds strong community atmosphere

Village Green’s July 22 family and friends barbecue brought 111 people to the Greater Napanee long-term care home to enjoy an afternoon of food and fun.

Annual summer event brings 111 people to home

Village Green’s annual barbecue brought 111 people together to enjoy food, entertainment and socializing at the Greater Napanee long-term care home on July 22.

The barbecue – one of Village Green’s yearly flagship events – brought together residents, their families, friends and staff members for an afternoon of fun and laughter and, of course, top-notch food.

Life enrichment aide Vicki Hartin notes there was perfect weather to complement the day.

“It was a really nice day; it wasn’t too hot,” she tells The OMNIway.

Vicki attributes the large turnout to the organizational efforts of the team. Notices were sent out to families, encouraging them to attend and to bring as many people as they wished.

“Some residents (had) one person with them, some had eight people with them,” Vicki says.

There was also an atmosphere that encouraged a sense of community. Seating was arranged so everyone could sit together picnic-style in the activity room. All the residents, families and staff members were seated together so people who’d never met could make new friends.

After the barbecue, everyone went outside to the garden for live entertainment, courtesy of musician Bill Dunn, a fan favourite at the home.

“He played for the afternoon, and everyone had cold drinks and played games,” Vicki says, noting there was a water-balloon toss, pond-fishing and face-painting for the children.

The event was also a good way to get residents reminiscing about the backyard barbecues they’ve enjoyed over the years, Vicki says, adding residents are still talking about the event.

Kimberley Wickens has been a Village Green resident for a year. She says she enjoyed her first Village Green family barbecue experience.

“It could not have been any better, and the volunteers were also such a great help,” she says.

“The food couldn’t have been better; everything was cooked perfectly. There was a great atmosphere and everyone was happy.”

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