VIDEO: Medication safety in LTC: How families can help

In Part 9 of The OMNIway’s video series on medication safety in long-term care, we speak with Carla Beaton, Medical Pharmacies’ vice-president of clinical innovations and quality improvement, about how the family members of residents in long-term care homes can participate in the medication safety process.

For example, Medical Pharmacies, OMNI Health Care’s pharmaceutical services provider, has created pamphlets for long-term-care home residents and their families to address several key issues related to medication.

One pamphlet, for instance, is about pain, how to recognize pain and how pain can be treated to prevent other medications, such as antipsychotics, from being administered.

“That’s another area where we keep residents safe, because we’re making sure that we’re treating what’s needed and not adding drugs that shouldn’t be needed, like antipsychotics,” Beaton says.

Click here to watch the video.

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