VIDEO: Have a dance party or a quality meeting? Check out this week’s quality skits!


To have a dance party or a quality meeting? This is the question a puppet named Reta Rector asked during OMNI Health Care’s manager’s forum.

Reta was one of the puppets Maplewood managers used in their quality skit at the forum, which was held in Kingston May 17-19. You can check out this humorous skit here.

The Wildwood Care Centre team created a skit that focuses on the importance of ensuring quality improvement meetings are engaging in order for them to be effective. You can see the Wildwood team’s skit here.

Meanwhile, managers at Burnbrae Gardens focused their skit on helping new residents and families adjust to life in long-term care, with an emphasis placed on creating strong communication lines with families. You can watch Burnbrae Gardens’ skit here.

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