(VIDEO) ‘Fun with Flags’ and other quality focused videos from OMNI


Team members from Village Green, Willows Estate and West Lake Terrace can be seen showcasing their knowledge of quality and quality improvement in the latest group of video skits from OMNI Health Care’s leadership forum.

The focus of Village Green’s skit is identifying “flags” or risk factors pertaining to individual residents, such falling or continence issues. Village Green’s skit, which is a parody of a newscast, can be seen here.

Meanwhile, team members from Willows Estate and West Lake Terrace explained the importance of setting priorities and how this relates to quality in long-term care in their skits. The folks from the Willows used a storytelling theme for their video, while the West Lake Terrace team used a question-and-answer session as their prop.

The Willows Estate video can be seen here.

The West Lake Terrace video can be seen here.

OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes were each tasked to create a skit focused on an area of quality. The skits were performed at the forum, which was held in Kingston May 17-19. The skits were judged in three categories: information value, entertainment value and their relevance to long-term care.

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