Collaborative approach helps create meaningful connections for people with dementia

Caregivers and families can work together to discover best approaches

Many people with dementia living in long-term care homes are in the late stages of the disease and may have difficulty verbally communicating. This can make it challenging for their families and caregivers to connect with them, but there are tools available to help create meaningful connections, says the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s director of education Mary Schulz. Read more

Frost Manor wins prize in OLTCA letter-writing campaign

Home collects 535 messages in support of better care

In its quest to raise awareness about the need for “Better Seniors’ Care,” Frost Manor has netted a prize for its residents’ council from the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA). Read more

Funding for more staffing means more time with residents, fewer behaviours, says LEC


Ongoing Better Seniors’ Care letter-writing campaign can help send this message to MPPs

A resident recently walked up to a poster on a wall at Country Terrace advertising the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s (OLTCA’s) Better Seniors’ Care advocacy campaign, read it, and said, “Yes, that’s right, we need more funding.” Read more

Dedicated West Lake Terrace staff keeping residents, families happy in face of challenges

West Lake Terrace 3

Small, rural long-term care home’s success the result of caring, dedicated staff

West Lake Terrace has managed to maintain a high level of resident and family-member satisfaction for the care the home provides – and administrator Neil Peterson says this success comes down to dedicated staff members that listen to residents. Read more

Social media helping Garden Terrace get signatures for Better Seniors’ Care campaign


Home already has 200 more signed letters than last year and is ‘hoping for more’

Garden Terrace is discovering that social media is an effective tool for engaging people in the importance of obtaining more government funding for Ontario long-term care homes.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association’s (OLTCA’s) Better Seniors’ Care campaign and letter-writing contest will be on until spring, and Garden Terrace has already received 200 more signatures on letters advocating for more long-term care funding than last year.

As part of the campaign, the letters will be sent to the office of the local MPP.

Life enrichment co-ordinator Sylvia Monette says team members have been using Twitter and Facebook to connect with people. This has helped Garden Terrace receive about 700 signed campaign letters, she says, adding the home is “hoping for more.”

In 2015, Garden Terrace received 516 signatures, earning the Ottawa-area long-term care home the second-place prize in the contest’s category for homes with 133 or more beds.

After last year’s campaign, Garden Terrace was awarded a prize of $300 for its achievement. The money was donated to the home’s residents’ council. OMNI Health Care matched the prize dollar for dollar, so the home received $600.

“This year the life enrichment staff is once again trying to reach as many residents, families, visitors and staff (as possible),” Monette says. “The (life enrichment) department has been set up so that we can send letters on anyone’s behalf with their approval.”

This year’s Better Seniors’ Care campaign is focused on the need for more funding in four areas:

– Making long-term care homes safer and more modern

– Building capacity for better dementia care

– Supporting the role of smaller long-term care homes

– Staffing solutions that will lead to better seniors’ care

Monette says the No. 1 issue at Garden Terrace in this year’s campaign is the need for more funds allocated to increase staffing.

The OLTCA is Canada’s largest long-term care association representing charitable, not-for-profit, private, and municipal long-term care operators.

People can write letters online by clicking here.

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Provincial advocacy campaign to improve resident care underway at OMNI homes


Residents, family members and staff asked to sign letters asking gov’t for more LTC funding

Ontario long-term care homes are once again being encouraged to join an annual letter-writing campaign to underscore to MPPs the need for additional funding to enhance resident care. Read more