Streamway Villa receives OLTCA award for success with OMNI’s diabetes program

Streamway Villa administrator and director of care Kylie Szczebonski (left) and RAI co-ordinator Kerrie Chapple (right) are seen here accepting a Clinical Protocol Excellence Award during the OLTCA’s This is Long Term Care conference in Toronto Nov. 29.

Daily huddles, where staff talk about diabetes issues, have helped keep hypoglycemic events at near nil

Streamway Villa is one of the recipients of the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s (OLTCA’s) Clinical Protocol Excellence Award for its success with OMNI Health Care’s diabetes protocol.

The Cobourg long-term care home was presented the award Nov. 29, during the OLTCA’s This is Long Term Care conference in Toronto.

Streamway Villa administrator and director of care Kylie Szczebonski says since adopting the protocol, which was developed by OMNI with the help of a grant from Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. and Eli Lilly (Canada) Inc. in 2013, the home has had reduced hypoglycemic events to near nil.

“We do not see (hypoglycemic events) anymore; it’s very rare, but before we adopted the protocol it happened more frequently, so I think that in itself has made everyone, especially the registered staff, really champions of diabetes care,” Kylie tells The OMNIway, adding Streamway Villa “is very proud” to receive the award.

One of the factors Kylie attributes to this success is that team members have used the diabetes protocol during its daily huddles, where staff from all departments gather to share information.

“It’s a good learning opportunity, not just for our nursing staff, but for our entire staff,” Kylie says of the huddles.

“Our dietary staff, housekeeping and maintenance staff are all participating, and they’re all learning as well. If they see something that’s not right with a resident, they are able to go to the nursing staff, because they’ve learned something (through the huddles).”

OMNI launched its diabetes program in 2013 to enhance quality diabetes care for long-term-care home residents across Ontario. The OLTCA has also adopted the protocol.

At the centre of the program is a group of evidence-based order sets addressing several aspects of diabetes care, including nursing assessment, dietary and foot care, and sick-day management. The protocol is also used during resident admissions to OMNI homes.

As part of the protocol, each OMNI home has staff members trained in becoming diabetes educators.

Another OMNI home, Maplewood, also received a Clinical Protocol Excellence Award.

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