Streamway Villa hosts its largest volunteer appreciation BBQ in 7 years

Pictured above, special cupcakes and candles were given to Streamway Villa volunteers during the home’s appreciation event on Sept. 22.

Volunteers presented with unique gifts, and residents pay tribute to those donating their time to the home

Streamway Villa hosted its largest volunteer appreciation barbecue in seven years on Sept. 22. This year’s event had some new offerings that went over well with the 15 people who were honoured for their service to the Cobourg long-term care home’s residents.

Volunteers were served a lunch that included hamburgers, sausages and salads. One former staff member even turned up with special cupcakes for the volunteers.

Volunteers were also presented gifts that were a bit different this year. Life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Doughty came up with a gift idea after visiting the social media website Pinterest.

In the past volunteers have received gifts such as flowers, mugs, pens and pins. But Christina wanted something different this year.

“On Pinterest they had these little candles for volunteer appreciation. Each candle had a saying on it, like, ‘when you light this, think of the brightness that you bring to others.’ So I gave all of the volunteers candles with little thank-you notes attached,” Christina tells The OMNIway.

“That went over very well. It was very emotional, and a lot of the volunteers said thank you to Streamway Villa for providing them with the opportunity to volunteer here.”

Something else that was new to this year’s volunteer appreciation event was residents paying homage to the volunteers.

“A couple of residents came forth and asked if they could say something, and that in itself was worth it to watch the reactions of these volunteers when they heard the residents talk about the value that they bring to (Streamway Villa),” Christina says.

April 23-29 was National Volunteer Week, but Streamway Villa typically hosts an event to celebrate volunteers in September, simply because the home wants to honour all volunteers and many are not available in the spring, Christina says.

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